Keep your Eyes on Binance Coin, Shiba Inu and Big Eyes Coin before the next Bull Market

Keep your Eyes on Binance Coin, Shiba Inu and Big Eyes Coin before the next Bull Market

The bears in the coin market have started to lose their steam. There have been numerous indicators that things are about to change in the crypto ecosystem. The next bull market is clearly on the way. However, no one knows when it will happen. If you’re used to how things happen in the coin market, you’ll understand that the bull market will come in unexpectedly. You need to fill your bags with crypto coins that will perform well.

Binance Coin, Big Eyes Coin, and Shiba Inu are cryptocurrencies that have the potential to make a name for themselves in the next bull market. But what makes them stand out? Keep reading to find out.

Binance Coin

Binance coin, also known as BNB, is the native coin of the Binance exchange platform. It has also been around for close to 5 years. When you look at BNB’s price movement over the past few years, it’s clear that it bounces back quickly after a torrid trading season. The reason behind BNB’s potential is the high demand associated with the project. As mentioned earlier, it’s Binance’s coin. Therefore, users of this platform are expected to purchase this coin. This means there’s an ever-increasing demand for the token.

Also, this project has impressive features. Binance coin operates on its blockchain – the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). This blockchain is renowned for its ability to process transactions faster than similar projects. It also has an auto-deflationary system that reduces the number of tokens in circulation. Ever-increasing demand and diminishing supply are essential characteristics of promising projects that will thrive.

Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu is a dog-themed cryptocurrency that made a big splash in the coin market. During the launch, it was described as a meme coin with more impressive features than its predecessors. After a close look, it was clear that Shiba Inu has strong similarities with Dogecoin. These similarities include the logo and theme of both coins. And their architecture. Both are created to be community projects.

However, Shiba Inu has one advantage over Dogecoin. It has a limited supply allowing it to be subject to market forces. There have been several token burns in the history of this project. What more could anyone ask for? In addition, Shiba Inu has been making waves in the coin market. Many people have been speaking about Shiba Inu on social media. There’s a global interest in the token. This interest usually translates to demand and exponential price changes.

Big Eyes Coin

Big Eyes Coin is another innovative crypto token ready to change the narrative in the meme sector. When you look at this project’s logo, graphics and utility, it’s clear that this token will be a new type of meme coin. Its cat-themed design is unlike anything else we’ve seen before.

Big Eyes Coin is also designed to be a community token. This means a group of users will be responsible for pushing the project forward. These users will be people who are interested in the growth of the token. Community members of Big Eyes Coin will be feline lovers and those interested in a new face for the meme sector. Big Eyes Coin will deviate from the norm and have a centralised exchange for users to swap their tokens.

Big Eyes Coin will offer 80% of its token supply during the launch. The project is in the 10th stage of its presale and has already generated over $20m from sales. There’s a ton of interest in BIG. The initial liquidity generated before the launch will be locked in the project for two years. It was setting up investors for long-term benefits.

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