Mallorca’s multiculturalism: Religious communities come together in historic first for Ramadan

Traditional food from Islamic countries was on display as the community came together in multicultural celebration to break the fast as Ramadan got underway. Photo credit: Bisbat de Mallorca (via Facebook)

MALLORCA’S community shared a historic moment on Friday, March 25 as Muslims and Christians broke the fast together as the Islamic holy month of Ramadan began. More than 500 people celebrated Iftar, the evening meal to break the fast during Ramadan, in the Plaza de las Columnas in Palma.

The event, which was organised by a group of Muslim associations and the Bisbat de Mallorca, was welcomed warmly by local residents who showed their community spirit at the event. Around 60,000 Muslims in Mallorca are currently respecting Ramadan.

After sharing a community prayer, the Plaza de las Columnas became a showcase of traditional foods from Islamic cultures. Various local businesses brought out their most special dishes including Afghan rices, Moroccan dates and harira soups.

In a monumental move, the Bishop of Mallorca, Bishop Sebastià Taltavul attended the Muslim event and explained, “I was invited to come and I couldn’t say no. Not just for myself, but for what the church represents, because among religions the most valuable thing is that we understand each other. We can’t go against each other. Christians have much in common with Muslims, and it is something we should celebrate”.