March Madness continues as Bitcoin Speeds towards $30,000, Dogecoin Surges by 4% and Top Presale Big Eyes Hits 32.2 Million

March Madness continues as Bitcoin Speeds towards $30,000, Dogecoin Surges by 4% and Top Presale Big Eyes Hits 32.2 Million

Before the final week of March begins and we head into the fourth month of 2023 begins, it’s a good idea to take a look how some of the top cryptos on the market are currently performing. Earlier this month the crypto market reached a crossroads after both US and UK regulators moved to limit the freedom of certain aspects of the market. The ripple effect the market experienced after this created bearish outlooks for the future of many cryptos at the time, especially Bitcoin (BTC). With that being said, despite initial predictions, Bitcoin and the market as a whole have managed to turn things around!

This article will take a look at how Bitcoin turned things around, How Dogecoin is currency doing the same and how the biggest presale in recent years is thriving in the face of anything and everything!

Bitcoin Fights Back

While things had been looking dire for the original top crypto lately, Bitcoin has managed to make an unexpected comeback. Last week Bitcoin Dominance reached a 9-month high as it passed $27,000, not too long after it was trending downwards after falling below $25,000. That’s already old news now though as Bitcoin continues to climb back up the ladder by passing $28,000 and nearly nearing $28,500. The number 1 crypto has surged by 70% since the start of the year and this is likely to increase as it sets the target of $30,000 squarely in its sights. With the previous predictions being fully proven wrong, a far more bullish outcome is expected from Bitcoin as it proves exactly why it has managed to remain at the top of the market for the past 14 years

Dogecoin Spikes

Dogecoin is another crypto originator that has done well to remain above all its inspired projects turned rivals. Leading the meme coin craze of 2021, Dogecoin experienced both an exciting and interesting few years, once peaking at 300%. Long after the initial explosion of the niche, Dogecoin has stayed comfortably within the top 5 ranked cryptos by market cap, but this is exactly what put it in danger of the reaction the regulation announcements created. Just like Bitcoin and the rest of the market, it saw its value drop substantially after this. But being a meme coin, there was little reason to worry. Meme coins are notable for their loyal communities, which came in clutch for Dogecoin. Not just them though, but also most recently regular meme coin benefactor Elon Musk. Once again, mentioning the token in his tweets has seen its value of it spike, this time by 4%.

Big Eyes Purrforms Purrfectly

Though things have settled now, Big Eyes Coin (BIG) continued to grow even at the height of the regulation worries rapidly. Having raised over $32 million without the end anywhere in sight, it’s genuinely incredible what the project has managed to accomplish in such a short amount of time, but taking one look at everything surrounding it shows us how it’s done this. As established with Dogecoin, meme coins are a popular niche in crypto with the ability to attract large, supportive communities to them – and Big Eyes is yet another example of this. Through a convincing whitepaper, generous tokenomics and multiple incentives like competitions and bonus codes, Big Eyes has successfully built a strong community that believes in its value enough to play an active role in its growth.

There are many things for buyers to look forward to upon Big Eyes Coin’s launch, from a 70% public sale with no buy tax and now sale tax to an exciting NFT collection release with an active marketplace to trade on, but what was it that kept their attention this month? The Big Eyes Lootboxes. For a limited time, dedicated users were given the ability to win up to $150,000 worth of BIG through a video game/gambling mechanic. As an exciting and fresh take on distributing the token supply, this was an immediate hit. While this has since come to an end, Big Eyes never want anyone to miss out on a chance to be rewarded for their support, which is why they’ve now launched their biggest bonus code to date. When buyers use the code BULLRUN250 during their purchase, they’re given 250% extra tokens on top of it!

Big Eyes Coin (BIG)





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