A Roman discovery, Mazarrón, Murcia

AN excavation in Mazarrón Port, between Calles Era and Corredera, has uncovered a tomb from the Roman era and medieval houses. The archaeological excavation has discovered a burial site of late republican or high imperial chronology ( 1st century BC ). Two amphoras -containers used to transport wine etc.. – but in this case were used as funerary equipment was found on the same site and allowed the archaeologists to date the tomb as they were in very good condition. The type of ceramic used was produced in the Valle de Guadalquivir, this has made the finding very special as there have not been many discoveries of this ceramic. Starting from this first level they went on to find more layers from later stages from the 3rd to the 7th century AD. All the findings have been documented and the pieces recovered have been moved to the archaeological room in the Port of Mazarrón.