Caravaca Castle, Murcia

THE town hall of Caravaca de la Cruz has announced plans to make improvements to the esplanade of the castle in Caravaca de la Cruz. The planned developments will improve the accessibility to the castle and will also include some aesthetic work for the castle and surrounding areas. The work will begin in the second half of 2023 and they plan to complete the reformation by 2024. The Mayor of Caravaca de la Cruz, José Francisco García, highlighted that the materials used will ‘absolutely respect the historic environment’. The project has a budget of 800,000 euros and it encompasses an area of 3,000 metres squared. The project also includes the creation of a rainwater drainage network both on the esplanade and the Medieval Quarter. The proposal is part of the ‘Sustainability Plan Road to Caravaca 2024’. This larger plan has a budget of almost €5m which comes from European funds.