Cinema Subscription, Cinesa, Murcia

IT is being described as ‘the Netflix of Cinema’ and it has arrived in Murcia. Cinesa, which has a movie theatre in the shopping Centre Nueva Condomina, will launch its first subscription plan, similar to that of Netflix, for €15.95 per month. This will be the first subscription of its kind in Spain and it begins in April. Cinesa will call this subscription ‘Unlimited Card’. It will allow the subscribers of Cinesa’s ‘Unlimited Card’ to access their cinema as many times as the member wants. This subscription will be available in two models priced from €15.95. It is being described as an innovative move. How many more cinemas will choose a similar route as the competition between platforms like Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime, Disney +, and the cinema battles on? Many viewers now opt to watch all the top movies from the comfort of their own homes with many viewers highlighting the cost of attending the movie theatres. Along with the fact that many films are now only shown exclusively at the cinema for a few weeks before being available on one of the many available platforms.