Puerto Lumbreras, Murcia, forest fire burns four hectares

THERE was a fire in Puerto Lumbreras on Sunday evening, March 26.

Four hectares were burned before the fire could be contained. A 64-year-old woman had to be treated at the scene for precordial pain and anxiety and was later moved to the Rafael Méndez Hospital in Lorca.

The fire began on Calle Casicas at 5.27 pm, the Fire Brigade announced the fire was under control at 7.16 pm although they maintained their presence in the area until after 9 pm.

The UDIF-the Forest Fire Defense Unit-stayed in the area until after midnight. The emergency services were notified of the fire when they received many calls about the fire. They dispatched environmental agents, civil protection, the CEIS-Firefighting and Rescue Consortium of the Region of Murcia-, a helicopter with the ‘Helicopter Forestry Brigade’, and an ambulance to the area.

With forest fires raging in Castellón, in the Valencia Region, causing evacuations the people of Puerto Lumbreras were relieved when the fire was contained within a couple of hours.