Uniting to fight: Two Torrox women’s fundraising bid in MS battle

Two women, Lorena and Carmen, from Torrox are united in their battle against multiple sclerosis. Photo credit: Pasos365 (via Facebook)

Lorena and Carmen, two residents in Torrox, were brought together by a devastating diagnosis. The women both are living with multiple sclerosis. The women launched a campaign on Wednesday, March 28, which hopes to help them improve their quality of life by raising funds to buy a pain relief suit.

Multiple sclerosis is a degenerative disease that affects their mobility, vision, and neurological function. Despite the challenges they face, Lorena and Carmen are determined to find alternatives and treatments that can help them in their daily lives.

Through their research, the women found a special suit which features 58 electrodes that can stimulate their muscles to reduce their chronic pain and improve their mobility.

They have already received support from several individuals and organisations, and they are organising a raffle to raise funds. Tickets for the raffle cost €2 each and are available from a range of businesses in Torrox. The women are also in the process of creating social media fundraising pages ‘Pasos365’ before a charity event which is planned for Saturday, April 22.

They invite everyone to join them in their journey, and help in any way that they can.