Alhama Arena Football Centre, Murcia

A 2.5 million euro investment is planned for the area of Condado de Alhama with plans for the construction of a football centre. The football centre will have five training pitches and a main stadium that will have the capacity to hold three thousand five hundred spectators. Images of the plans have been presented and the football centre will be called Alhama Arena. Fran de Paula the representative for the Alhameña town is also the general manager for the Pinatar Arena football centre in San Pedro del Pinatar. He has a wealth of knowledge in this area and has said the Alhama Arena is a business that is “tangible and real”. There are also plans to construct a hotel that will allow the football teams to stay on sight. Something that is not possible at the Pinatar Arena Football Centre. Due to its proximity to the salt lakes and the protected nature reserve in which they are situated, a hotel could not be built on site.