Driving on: Sánchez discusses collaborations in China, steers away from controversial issues

The Spanish premier, Pedro Sánchez was welcomed to China on Wednesday, March 27 for a long-awaited summit between the two countries. Photo credit: Pedro Sánchez (via Instagram)

PEDRO Sánchez is making waves in China! The Spanish Prime Minister arrived in the global superpower on Wednesday, March 29 where he participated in the opening of the Boao Economic Forum, also known as the “Chinese Davos”.

During his trip, he had the opportunity to meet with the Chinese President, Xi Jinping, as well as other key national figures including the Chinese Prime Minister, the President of the National People’s Assembly, and Chinese tour operators who work in the Spanish tourism market.

Sánchez talked about a variety of topics during his visit, including the ongoing crisis in Ukraine and the economic ties between Spain and China. However, the Spanish government carefully avoided several sensitive topics including bans on technology companies Huawei and TikTok that several other countries have imposed due to concerns about potential espionage activities.

Despite controversies over technology and China’s international policy, Sánchez has remained optimistic about the future of economic cooperation between Spain and China. During his visit, he emphasised the importance of continued collaboration between the countries. Sánchez visited the country as a national representative rather than an EU delegate.