Lanistar attracts users with Influencer Marketing Campaigns and Crypto Finance Features

Lanistar attracts users with Influencer Marketing Campaigns and Crypto Finance Features

The younger generation has witnessed the rise of many technological innovations, from social media to digital banking. Young digital natives have grown up with the internet and garnered a unique knowledge of social media, digital services, and how to use them to their advantage.

Lanistar is a new fintech company that’s attracting the younger generation through social media campaigns and making the world of online banking a whole lot easier.

Lanistar is Revolutionising Fintech

Fintech is changing how people send money around the world, and many are starting to choose it over traditional payment methods. Lanistar is a fintech company with a different approach to finance and is attracting the attention of the younger generation.

The online platform puts users in charge of their own finances on one simple and easy-to-use app. Payments are made fast, secure and straightforward on Lanistar’s app, so all the outdated parts of banking are eliminated. The Lanistar app is currently available in England and will launch in Brazil in late-2022. It’s been expanding rapidly ever since and is newly compatible with Google Pay in Brazil.

You can also use Lanistar completely virtually. Users are given a virtual card upon signing up to Lanistar, as they are pushing for virtual cards to minimise their environmental impact. Everything you need, including information about the state of your finances, is readily available through the app.

Lanistar is planning to expand into the crypto space in May, which will be an industry first. They will launch a crypto exchange and an app that’s capable of sending and receiving crypto. Crypto banking is one of the biggest recent developments in online payment and fintech and has been redefining our idea of finance for some time.

The younger generation has been the first to adopt crypto, and most users are between 18-35, so they are right in being Lanistar’s target audience. It has often been hard to get into the crypto space as a new user, but Lanistar’s upcoming features will make the process more accessible.

The Power of Social Media Marketing

For good or bad, social media has made the world more connected than ever before. We now have multiple ways to access and keep up with anyone in the world, including celebrities. Social media influencers have also become a powerful marketing tool as we often feel more connected to influencers as friends and opinion leaders.

Influencers are in a unique position to build trust with the audience, but it’s important for brands to choose the right ones. Lanistar is doing just that and harnessing the power of social media marketing by partnering with influencers such as Hellen Grasso and Ricardo Souza on Instagram.

Hellen Grasso is a Brazilian influencer living in England, who noticed that women are underrepresented in technology and helped them get into the industry through training, networking events and mentoring on her online platform.

Lanistar’s collaboration with Hellen Grasso has helped it to reach new audiences and build trust with customers, particularly women. Lanistar is establishing itself as a forward-thinking fintech platform that values inclusivity in the financial space.


Digital and crypto banking is on the rise, and Lanistar’s social media campaigns have made it one of the most talked about fintech companies. Lanistar is appealing to the younger generation in particular because its accessible and inclusive, with amazing features and a strong social media presence. If you’re keen to learn more or sign up to social media’s hottest fintech, follow the links below.

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