Storm Tank Mar Menor, Murcia

THE Regional Government of Murcia will invest 670,000 euros in the sanitation system of La Union, the Murcian town which pertains to Cartagena. The plan is to construct a storm tank that will have a capacity of 3,300 cubic metres. The storm tank will have two functions: it will operate as a lamination tank that will prevent the overflow of the sanitation network from reaching the Mar Menor and it will generate new water resources for the farmers in the region, as it will collect and contain the rainfall. This new infrastructure is included in the ‘II Plan for Water Sanitation and Purification Horizon 2035’. The work is planned to take six months. This is welcome news to all who reside in the Mar Menor area and everyone interested in preserving this rare and special ecosystem. It is one step towards the recovery of the lagoon that has suffered so severely from pollution and the heavy ‘calima’ rainfall.