Deportation delayed: family seeking permanent solution for grandmother’s Swedish deportation order

Sweden’s Foreign Minister, Tobias Billström is facing questions over a deportation order served to a 74-year-old British grandmother with Alzheimer’s. Photo credit: Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs (via Facebook)

THE temporary reprieve granted to Kathleen Poole, a 74-year-old British grandmother with Alzheimer’s who was facing deportation from Sweden, has been met with relief from her family and the community.

On hearing the announcement of a pause on her deportation order on Thursday, April 5, Kathleen’s family have renewed their pleas for a permanent solution to the widow’s residency woes.

Kathleen Poole, who has been living in a care home in Sweden for ten years, was told to leave the country after her application to remain after Brexit was rejected. Although her removal has been put on hold until a new decision is made, her family remains fearful that the deportation could be ordered at any moment.

Kathleen originally relocated to Sweden to be closer to her son and his Swedish wife and their four children. The pensioner’s health has declined since moving there, leaving her unable to walk or talk.

Despite being bedridden, having spent the last decade in a care home, and having no family in the UK, Kathleen’s application was rejected in September 2022. Her British passport has expired, leaving her with few viable options. Her family has been left confused by the situation as and has been seeking a resolution for more than a year now.

The family are currently exploring options including making a new application for a UK passport. Meanwhile, MP Hilary Benn has urged the UK foreign secretary, James Cleverly, to intervene.