Cruising into summer: Almería set for 85% boost in cruise arrivals

The ‘Star Flyer’ by Star Clippers is a modern, small cruise ship offering passengers the tradition and romance of sailing in days gone by. It docks in Almeríá on Saturday, April 15. Photo credit: Star Clippers (via Facebook)

ALMERÍA is preparing to welcome the first cruise ship of the summer season, with the ‘Star Flyer’ set to arrive on Saturday, April 15. This year’s packed cruise programme marks the beginning of a thrilling new chapter for the city’s port after several years of pandemic disruption.

With a whopping 26 cruise ships scheduled to make a stopover this year, the port is set to see a 85.7 per cent increase in arrivals from last year. The plans mean that a possible 11,143 passengers will arrive on the city’s shores.

The first ship to arrive is ‘Star Flyer’, operated by Star Clippers, which will bring 170 passengers into Almeria for the day on Saturday, April 15. The cruise season runs until Thursday, December 14, with the last cruise ship to arrive being the ‘Ocean Odyssey’. The largest cruise during the season will be the ‘Marella Voyager’, bringing more than 1,900 passengers to the city on Thursday, June 1.

Almería will also be the first port of call for nine of the 26 cruises, with the other ships departing from other port cities including Málaga and Ibiza.