Nora Johnson: Which UK institution will be trashed next?

Nora Johnson: Which UK institution will be trashed next?

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A recent report moves the spotlight onto the fire and rescue services just after the Met was found guilty as charged of institutional racism, misogyny and homophobia in a similarly condemnatory report that showed public confidence in the force at rock bottom.

According to this latest scathing review, there may be “predators” like Wayne Couzens lurking in the fire service’s shadows as the toxic culture uncovered was “just the tip of the iceberg”. Examples of this “hotbed of racism, misogyny and homophobia” included firefighters acting out a rape, expecting women to make tea and viewing racist language as “having a laugh”.

A “hotbed of racism, misogyny and homophobia”: seriously? Then we read that “some” examples of unacceptable conduct were found in only 11 of the 44 fire services. But, we are assured, this “could be” the “tip of an iceberg”. So, no evidence was found in 33 out of 44 services. How on earth is that rampant? More likely it “could be” a report determined to trash the reputation of the entire fire service. And yet another lesson in how to demoralise the vast majority of firefighters, police officers etc who are honest and do a hard job very well.

Which British institution is going to be trashed next week? This is getting beyond ridiculous. There seems to be a growing appetite to label all our public services as racist, homophobic and sexist. Largely, it would seem, from those who like to feel morally superior while sitting safely behind their desks. God forbid they actually get out of their chairs and contemplate putting their own safety at risk for others (remember Grenfell?). And then they wonder why these services struggle to recruit and retain good people!

Firstly, firefighters do a difficult and dangerous job – nobody doubts this. Nobody says otherwise. Firefighters demonstrate bravery, courage, self-sacrifice etc. They can be, and frequently are, saints, but that is not a job requirement. The willingness to run towards a fire when everyone else is running away, and to keep returning until everyone inside has been rescued and the fire extinguished, as well as a technical insight into controlling fires from different sources, are the primary characteristics. We are fortunate that such men and women exist and put their lives on the line for us. They may not always behave as squeaky-clean choristers, but they get the job done.

All our public services are being attacked one after another by the same band of people. It has to be stopped. This is a total waste of public money pandering to the politically correct and woke movement. Who next?

First, it’s the Met, now it’s the fire and rescue services throughout Britain. Where will other revelations of racism, misogyny and bullying in sordid corners of British society be exposed next? The NHS? The Coastguard? The Monarchy?

Good grief, are the justices of self-righteousness making it their mission to denounce every last British public service as “hotbeds” of bad behaviour? How profoundly demotivating for the many fine staff members in all our emergency services.

How I love being told who to dislike every week! Who do I get to hate next week?

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