Taiwan tensions: French President stands by controversial comments amid US-China disagreements

Emmanuel Macron has returned from a state visit to China where he met with top Chinese officials. Photo credit: Emmanuel Macron (via Facebook)

THE French President, Emmanuel Macron, caused a stir with his recent comments about Taiwan. Macron declared that France should not be caught in the middle of a conflict between the US and China over the weekend.

He stood by the comments during a press conference in the Netherlands on Wednesday, April 12, insisting that being a US ally did not mean being a “vassal”, and that France had the right to think for itself.

While his comments have been met with criticism from politicians on both sides of the Atlantic, Macron stands by his words, asserting that nothing has changed in France’s support for the “status quo” in Taiwan. However, his remarks have left some analysts feeling puzzled, as they suggest the US is to blame for rising tensions over Taiwan, making it difficult for the EU to take a hardline with Beijing.

China, on the other hand, has praised Macron’s comments and shrugged off the criticism, accusing other nations of wanting to coerce other countries into obeying their will.

Meanwhile, self-ruled Taiwan remains resolute, vowing to work with the US and other democracies to combat China’s “authoritarian expansionism”.