EVIL PARENTS murdered their baby son on Xmas day after social services handed him back

EVIL PARENTS murdered their baby son on Xmas day after social services handed him back

Parents guilty of murder. Credit: r.classen/Shutterstock

A jury has found a mother and father guilty of murdering their baby son after social services returned him to their care just over a month earlier.

Ten-month-old Finley Boden was brutally murdered by his parents, Stephen Boden, 30, and Shannon Marsden, 22, on Christmas Day 2020, both were convicted today at Derby Crown Court on Friday, April 14, as reported by The Daily Mail.

Boden and Marsden had denied murder, two counts of child cruelty and two charges of causing or allowing the death of a child.

Mary Prior KC, prosecuting, opened proceedings and explained that Finley suffered a host of ‘appalling’ injuries, including 57 fractures and 71 bruises all over his body.

Following the horrific onslaught the infant had a heart attack at the family’s terraced home in Great Whittington, Chesterfield, Derbyshire.

Police photographs revealed the squalid conditions of the house, clutter was piled up everywhere, unwashed pots and pans, toys and bags were carelessly thrown into the bathtub, while a feeding bottle appeared to have mould growing on the inside.

At 2.33 am on Christmas Day, Paramedics were called, and Finley was taken to hospital, but tragically at 3.45 am he was pronounced dead.

Just hours after his son’s death, the jury was told how at the hospital Boden had been heard telling Marsden that he was going to sell Finley’s pushchair ‘on eBay.’  He later told police he only said it ‘in an effort to lighten the mood.’

In Finley’s short life, he had appalling injuries inflicted upon him, including the little boy’s pelvis which was broken in two places.

Prosecutors related how the infant also had two burns on his left hand, a contact burn ‘from a hot, flat surface’, and another probably sustained ‘from a cigarette lighter flame’.

A shocked courtroom heard how the baby also had a ‘spiral’ break to a thigh, while a shin bone break was ‘consistent with being held by the ankle and gripped and twisted’.

Concerns over the child’s welfare meant that Finley was removed from his parents three days after him being born on February 15 2020.

Later, Finley was allowed to live permanently with his parents On November 17, before he was killed on Christmas Day, just 39 days after he was returned to them.

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      15 April 2023 • 13:45

      someone in so-called social services should be prosecuted , sent to jail and lose their job for this dereliction of duty.

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      15 April 2023 • 23:01

      if they can’t get in why can’t they phone the police!!!!

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