Best of British: Nicole King meets Ambassador Hugh Elliott

Best of british

Nicole King and Hugh Elliott. Image - Nicole King

I had the privilege and pleasure of interviewing His Excellency Hugh Elliott, the Ambassador to the United Kingdom in Spain in the lead-up to the Coronation of King Charles III.

Here are some snippets (watch the full interview on “Marbella Now” #MN395).


“During your speech at the Queen’s Jubilee, you mentioned how honoured and proud you were to serve under Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Can I ask what’s it like suddenly having a new boss…?”

HM Ambassador:

“That’s a good question. I think it’s been such a series of shocks from the excitement of the wonderful celebration of the Jubilee and then really quite a short while afterwards the death of the Queen and everything that went with that.  We got quite an outpouring of emotion from people from all walks of life and so moving into the transition with a new Monarch for the first time since forever, seven decades, is quite a thing, isn’t it? It is still an incredible honour to be representing His Majesty now, having represented Her Majesty. Frankly, we’re all getting a little bit used to it and there’s no huge difference and remains a tremendous honour.”


“I imagine it’s quite an honour also, that you now will go down in history as the British Ambassador who served under two monarchs. I mean, that’s a pretty big deal.”

HM Ambassador:

“And it hasn’t happened for a while.”


“I know that I cried when I heard the news of her Majesty’s passing but I put on my best face, as I think we British do, renowned for our stiff upper lip, not showing our emotions – and queuing. What would you consider to be the ‘Best of British traits’?”

HM Ambassador:

“I jumped the queue the other day by accident. I feel terribly guilty, so that shows I’m still really British. I think despite having been here for a few years you’re right, that it was a very emotional moment just to get back to that for a second.

It’s strange because Queen Elizabeth was obviously a monarch that had been around for a very long time, not somebody that you and I know deeply well personally and yet it felt like something quite personal… and people were very surprised by that, but we get on with the job, keep calm and carry on.  The funeral itself was an extraordinary event … I’m sure the coronation this weekend will be as well.

I think what King Charles is looking for from this weekend is to really show the best of British because it’s not just about the Saturday it’s also about the big lunch on Sunday, which is all about community. It’s all about bringing people together… I’m extremely proud to be British ambassador here.… I know very well that Brexit has been hard for people… but we haven’t changed as a nation. Our values haven’t changed, the essence you’ve just been talking about hasn’t changed. I’m very proud.”

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