BREAKING: Russia accused by Ukraine of using Phosphorus bombs in Bakhmut

BREAKING: Russia accused by Ukraine of using Phosphorus bombs in Bakhmut

BREAKING: Russia accused by Ukraine of using Phosphorus bombs in Bakhmut

Drone footage has emerged of what appears to be white phosphorus pouring down on Bakhmut. Ukraine has accused Russia of using these deadly weapons on unoccupied areas of the city. 

Although not banned, this type of weapon is barred from use in civilian areas.

Anastasiia Holiachenko posted this video on Twitter saying:

“Russians continue to use banned weapons. These are the phosphorus bombs. Nobody can survive under that ‘phosphorus rain’. Just google it. It is poisonous for people and environment.”

Russia has been accused of using this type of weapon as recently as the beginning of the Ukraine invasion, in Mariupol. Phosphorus bombs are known to cause rapid-spreading and difficult-to-control fires.

Russia has spent a lot of resources and sacrificed many lives trying to capture Bakhmut, despite the particular strategic value of this area not being entirely clear.

In 2022, Kremlin Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov said: “Russia has never violated international conventions”, according to the BBC. But it has long been suspected that these phosphorus weapons have been used by the Russian military.

According to the US Centre for Disease Control (CDC) website:

“White phosphorus burns in air and causes severe burns upon contact with skin or eyes. White phosphorus smoke will also cause eye and respiratory tract irritation. Other initial adverse health effects are primarily due to gastrointestinal irritation.”

Despite apparently being unoccupied at the time that Russia was alleged to have dropped these phosphorus bombs on Bakhmut, the Russians are signatories of a convention, which bans the use of incendiary weapons in civilian areas.

Although Human Rights Watch (HRW) says these weapons do not fall under the convention, as they are normally used as a smokescreen to hide other military activity, they are still highly destructive weapons. HWR maintains that many other countries such as the US have used phosphorus bombs.

With fighting in the region continuing, reports say that Ukraine is due to launch a counter-offensive in the coming weeks.

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