Ryanair stag-do ‘riot’ ruins dream holiday

Ryanair stag-do 'riot' ruins dream holiday

Ryanair stag-do 'riot' ruins dream holiday. Credit: http://www.airliners.net/photo/Ryanair/Boeing-737-2T5-Adv/0313534/L/ Alexander Jonsson/https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/en:GNU_Free_Documentation_License

A stag -do caused a ‘riot’ onboard a flight from Edinburgh to Tenerife with one passenger calling it the “worst flight”.

Elaine Wilson Duncan and her cousin Linda Bishop, both 62, were taking their aunt, Christine Moreland, 88 on holiday when a stag-do caused a ‘riot’ on board their Ryanair flight ruining their dream family holiday.

Elaine spoke about how the problems started: “The man in front kept asking for more 7up they were sharing a bottle of vodka among themselves and drinking it from the juice bottles.”

“I reported this to the air hostess as they were getting more and more drunk – and louder. But she told me, they already knew and had to catch them pouring it in, in order to do anything about it.”

Elaine continued: “There was another announcement asking passengers to stay in their seats and that they would be refusing to serve any alcohol on the second refreshments round – instead just tea and coffee.”

“They weren’t sitting down but going up and standing next to their pals, ignoring the staff.”

“The guy in front of us was just vaping from his seat, you could see the cloud of smoke in the air and he was waving it about the place.”

“I complained afterwards but the staff told me that there was no section my complaint fit into so they could not process it. I will never fly with Ryanair again by choice,” she added.

Elaine branded the flight “horrendous and the worst flight” she had ever been on.

A spokesperson for Ryanair said: “We regret that a small group of passengers on this flight from Edinburgh to Tenerife (26 Apr) became disruptive in-flight.

“To diffuse the situation and minimise disruption to passengers, cabin crew made several announcements throughout the flight and refused to serve alcoholic drinks before landing safely in Tenerife.”

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Max Greenhalgh


    • Ron

      08 May 2023 • 23:42

      I’m sorry but Ryan Air need to take transporting passengers on aircraft seriously. If there was an emergency on board how are passengers acting like this going to behave? I have been on Ryan Air flights and experienced the same.

    • Chris

      09 May 2023 • 14:32

      More and more vile behaviour from idiots post COVID. Anti social behaviour is increasing since COVID. Cars speeding, yobish behaviour. It’s like the animals have been let of the cage

    • Gerald Jones

      09 May 2023 • 15:37

      What Ryanair did, is called burying
      your head in the sand.
      Just absolutely deserting their duty of care, to the greater majority of their passengers.

    • Marco

      09 May 2023 • 16:24

      This happened to me a few weeks ago almost like a carbon Copy of the incident. I told the stewardess they need to stop serving alcohol or there will be trouble as I was with my niece and getting very annoyed. Next time it happens il take my own actions as Ryanair are a bunch of useless idiots.

    • Mo

      09 May 2023 • 16:42

      Time Airlines stopped people who have been drinking on flights.
      Stop Alcohol at airports would help.

    • Sue

      09 May 2023 • 18:02

      I was hit with a bottle thrown by a drunk man on a Ryanair flight to Alicante. Informed the stewardess and asked her to stop serving alcohol to him and his party. Heard him asking for a drink and she very politely but firmly refused. So no complaints whatsoever from me but maybe should have been stopped from boarding on the first place.

    • T.alston

      09 May 2023 • 19:08

      The greed to sell alcohol either from the airport bars, duty free then on the plane, is a sure sign for trouble.
      Ryanair is the number 1 choice to ignore all the rules and still get to your destination.
      None of my family or friends would never consider Ryanair.

    • Mick moran

      10 May 2023 • 00:23

      Had similar experience flying with Ryan air. Me and the wife decided never to fly with them again and never have . Worth the difference in price using jet 2 or tui.

    • Sasha Alevropoulos

      10 May 2023 • 11:31

      I was on this flight! It was actually worse than described in your article. We had three female flight attendants, one of whom had been on the job for 2 days and admitted to me that she felt unsafe coming to work. The 20 or so men on the flight as part of ‘Ryan’s stag do’ (they all had personalised t-shirts) were visibly drunk when they boarded the plane. The crew told me that the mistake was made by the ground staff who “shouldn’t have let them board the plane” and that all they could do was “manage the situation”. 3 tiny female humans dealing with large volatile males of the species. And they sold more booze, again and again. They were shouting profanities from the beginning of the flight. Obscenities and obscene gestures, loud arguments, I made notes, there was nothing else to do, no escape from the awfulness of the experience. Announcements were made that they would be met by police upon landing if they were drunk, vaping, drinking their own alcohol – which they openly did when after 3 rounds of bar service a decision was broadcast that there would be no more sale of alcohol on the flight. We all saw them drinking from bottles they were handing around, we all saw them openly vaping whilst walking around the cabin. Ryan Air’s response is predictably driven by greed – can there be another reason for abandoning their duty of care for passengers on the flight. It was a miracle that it didn’t get nastier.

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