UPDATE: Republicans side with Daniel Penny over Jordan Neely killing

UPDATE: Republicans side with Daniel Penny over Jordan Neely killing

UPDATE: Republicans side with Daniel Penny over Jordan Neely killing Credit: Legoktm/Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0

Updated: Wednesday, May 17, at 8:10 pm

Daniel Penny was last week charged with the manslaughter of Jordan Neely, who he restrained in a chokehold on the New York underground and died later in hospital. The ex-marine is being touted as a hero by prominent Republicans. 

Those who identify with the political right, notably in America, are known to quickly spring to the defence of military veterans should they be found to be mistreated. This of course is understandable behaviour towards those who have made sacrifices to protect others.

Leading Republican voices have called Daniel Penny a hero and pointed to rampant crime in Democrat-run states. These include Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, Fox News host Sean Hannity and singer Kid Rock.

DeSantis was quoted in Politico as saying that Penny was helping to “take back the streets for law-abiding citizens,” as donations of over $2 million came flooding in to support Mr Penny’s legal defence.

While voices from the right are pushing a tough-on-crime agenda, those on the left are pointing to the desperate situation of vulnerable Mr Neely, who suffered from mental health issues and was on a list of homeless people at risk in New York.

Both sides of the political spectrum appear to be pointing the finger at each other while their political ideals become more and more polarised. We are left to wonder which side of the vast gulf Americans will stand on in next year’s Presidential Election.

Daniel Penny’s court case continues.

Friday, May 12, at 5:27 pm

US ex-marine Daniel Penny is to be charged with the manslaughter of homeless man Jordan Neely on the New York underground. He is accused of holding Neely in a chokehold on May 1, from which he later died.

Penny, 24, turned himself in to the Manhattan Police today and is expected to be arraigned before the court later to answer the charges.

The Associated Press posted this video on Twitter of Thomas Kenniff, Mr Penney’s lawyer. The Associated Press said:

“Daniel Penny, the Marine veteran who fatally choked New York subway rider Jordan Neely, turned himself in Friday on a manslaughter charge that could send him to prison for 15 years.”

The incident in which Jordan Neely was said to be shouting at passengers and asking for money, before being restrained and choked by Daniel Penny. According to some commentators, Neely was still alive after being restrained.

1776 posted on Twitter: “BREAKING: Full footage reveals former Marine Daniel Penny putting Jordan Neely in ‘recovery position’, passengers complimenting him. This needs to go viral. Killers don’t get complimented by strangers and they don’t put people in the recovery position.”

This video seems to show a different viewpoint from the original video, with Penny apparently putting a still-breathing Neely in the recovery position. But the incident sparked outrage in New York and protests were held in the streets as well as blocking subway tracks.

Those who stand with Jordan Neely see this as a race-related issue or a homeless issue,  or both. Neely’s family also spoke out, telling of his history of mental illness since his mother was brutally murdered when he was 14 years old.

Neely, who has been arrested numerous times, including for the assault of a 67-year-old woman in 2021, apparently died from neck compression, implicating Penny.

With Penny being charged with second-degree manslaughter – a charge that suggests the death was caused by reckless rather than intentional behaviour – Penny is facing up to a possible 15-year jail term.

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