£800! Probably . . . the best cup of coffee in the world

Fancy a coffee?

Pricey cuppa. Credit: shyshak/Shutterstock.com

For many people cup of coffee is the go-to beverage first thing in the morning, whether at home or maybe from their favourite coffee shop. However, there’s one place where it would be wise to check your funds before ordering.

At The Brew Lab Café in Sydney, Australia they have various brews on offer and the most exclusive one will set you back $1,500 (£800, €918), according to 9news.

Mitch Johnson is the barista at the Penrith coffee house and explains that there is a burgeoning coffee culture in Sydney, where aficionados seek out the world’s most exclusive coffees, ‘It’s not rare for us at all; there is an underground coffee scene in Sydney that is actively pursuing exotic brews such as this.’

But why does it cost so much? Mitch explains that the coffee beans are grown 1700 metres above sea level, beside a volcano in Panama. The beans themselves are regarded as some of the finest in the world.

According to the SCAA scale, which rates coffee bean quality, speciality coffees are rated between 80 – 100, and the beans used by the Brew Lab are rated well above 90.

The owner continued, ‘we order it once the customer has. We then get in contact with the guys in Panama, they’ll roast the order individually, and then they’ll send it over on their private jet.’

But this is just the beginning of a complex procedure. Making the pricey brew correctly involves pre-dampening the filter paper, boiling the water to exactly 94 degrees Celsius and several precisely timed ‘pour over’ sessions, any variation on this will spoil the flavour, apparently.

But what does it taste like? Mitch explains, ‘most people when they drink it, say their first impression is that it’s more like a tea than a coffee.’

Obviously, there isn’t a line of customers queueing around the block to order one, but quite a few pop in to try the $100 (£53) and $200 (£106) coffees.

So far there have been two people who’ve been brave enough to stump up the cash and tried probably the best coffee there is; they wept tears of joy, allegedly.

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