Terrorised airline passengers: calls for ‘child-free’ zones on planes

Toddlers terrorise passengers on 8-hour flight

Terrorised airline passengers demand 'child-free' zones Credit: The Project/ Facebook

A couple faced severe criticism after their toddler was observed behaving in a very unruly manner during an eight-hour flight, leading to calls for airlines to establish “child-free” zones.

The incident, captured in a now-viral video posted on Reddit’s Public Freakout page, showcased the disruptive behaviour of the unidentified toddler.

The footage reveals the child repeatedly jumping on the tray table, causing visible shaking to the passenger seated in front. The toddler then proceeds to grab the headrest of another passenger, further exacerbating the disturbance.

Letting children run wild during an 8 hour flight
byu/readysetgorilla inPublicFreakout

The person who filmed the interaction stated that the child’s misbehaviour persisted throughout the lengthy flight, prompting them to capture this brief clip.

Numerous Reddit users expressed their disapproval in the comments section, directing criticism towards the parents for their lack of supervision.

One user wrote: “If my kids were behaving like this and I did nothing, I would feel like a failed parent.” Another commenter added: “As a parent of a highly energetic child, I would never allow her to exhibit such behaviour in public, let alone on a flight.”

Others were seen calling for child-free zones on aeroplanes to prevent such incidents. It comes as the behaviour on airlines in general has come under some scrutiny lately.

Many British holidaymakers like to start their holiday drinking session in the airport before they even arrive at their destination, causing some to call for alcohol bans on planes, where drunken passengers have been known to be disruptive or even abusive.

When it is adult behaviour then there may be some cause for sanctions but many would agree that parents should be controlling behaviour like that seen in the video on Reddit.

It also seems strange that nobody called such behaviour during the course of an eight-hour flight as we all know the discomfort of having our seat repeatedly kicked and nudged or our personal space invaded by the ‘serial recliners’.

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