BUZZ OFF: New way get rid of flies in your home

Get rid of flies the easy way

Pest or pollinator? Credit: J J Harrison/Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 1.0

Most people enjoy warm weather, but unfortunately, it often comes with the irritating sound of a fly or two going around in ever-decreasing circles.

As everyone knows they will congregate near windows, banging their heads and trying to escape, and to add insult to injury when the window or door is opened to free them, they steadfastly refuse to fly away and go back inside.

For anyone left puzzled who has tried to get rid of a fly by opening a window, only to see it not accept the invitation, the answer is here.

Apparently, it’s all to do with airflow, but there is a technique that reputedly gets flies, wasps and bees to leave your house and re-join their mates outside, according to Yorkshire Live, Friday, June 3.

Winged insects such as flies, wasps and bees, fly in a certain direction because they are driven by air currents, and they use the available airflow to move around and thus save energy.

Put yourself in the fly’s shoes. Trying to fly out of an open window would be like battling against a howling gale, much easier to go with the flow and fly in the opposite direction.

I could be likened to a cyclist who is fighting against a strong headwind, so much better to do a U-turn and be whisked along by an energy-saving tailwind.

A fly has absolutely no chance of escaping through an open window on its own. The trick is to help it escape, perhaps by opening a window on the other side of the room, or creating a human-made draught in the right direction by flapping a tea towel to give it a helping hand.

Although viewed as pests, the fly and the dreaded wasp are key pollinators. Reports tell us that insect numbers are down by as much as 60% in the past 10 years, without them, nothing will grow, and then everyone is in trouble.

Whichever method is employed to banish them from your house, fly paper, spray or the trusty swatter, why not try the more humane way, the choice is yours.

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