Rishi Sunak’s advisor claims AI ‘could kill many humans’

Another AI warning is issued

AI could wipe out humans warn experts Credit: David S. Soriano Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0

In a chilling, yet very real interview, Rishi Sunak’s advisor – Matt Clifford – has admitted that AI could have the capability to kill humans in just a few years.

AI has certainly become more and more prominent in day-to-day life with things like chatbots now able to hold genuine, almost real-life conversations with people, and supercomputers now able to help people and businesses in difficult tasks.

While this all seems fun for now, there is a chilling reality that many will be reading, and that’s about what happens further down the line when robots, computers and general AI become potentially more powerful than humans.

This is certainly something that hasn’t gone unnoticed in the United Kingdom and across mainland Europe though with Labour lodging for AI to be moderated just like other things such as medicines and Nuclear power, whereas Europe are wanting labels on products to show what is made by AI.

AI could kill many humans in the future

Some may have called these theories and fears nothing more than a conspiracy, however, Clifford, who advisors the prime Minister on several matters, has spoken with Talk TV about how real this threat could become down the line.

He said: “I think there are lots of different types of risks with AI and often in the industry we talk about near-term and long-term risks, and the near-term risks are actually pretty scary.”

“If we go back to things like the bioweapons or cyber (attacks), you can have really very dangerous threats to humans that could kill many humans – not all humans – simply from where we would expect models to be in two years’ time.”

Calls for regulation must be heard

While this is some way off and government’s across the world will hopefully put limits and regulations on AI and on how powerful it can become in the future before anything got out of hand, it is still a terrifying thought for many people.

Some simply wish to embrace AI and things such as virtual reality, such as Apple and Facebook, but it’s when governments and militaries perhaps get hold of stronger and more advanced AI that could become the very real threat at hand.

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