Make your money work for you: How to earn passive income through Caged Beasts’ Referral System or Binance and Shiba Inu’s Liquid Staking

Make your money work for you: How to earn passive income through Caged Beasts’ Referral System or Binance and Shiba Inu’s Liquid Staking

The smartest business people always say that instead of working for your money, you should make your money work for you. In this article, we’ll introduce you to two methods to earn passive income in cryptocurrency. The first method is to utilise Caged Beasts (BEASTS) and its revolutionary new referral system to earn massive rewards, and the second method is to practise liquid staking, which is a feature of Binance (BNB) and Shiba (SHIB) among others. Read on to learn how to make your money work for you!

Liquid Staking: Is it banking for Crypto?

First of all, what is liquid staking? Liquid staking is a profitable method that allows idle cryptocurrency assets to generate passive income. By staking your assets, you can receive yield-generating liquid tokens in return. This process involves on-chain representations of the staked assets, allowing you to utilise your assets while still earning rewards.

Caged Beasts: One-Of-A-Kind Referral System

Caged Beasts (BEASTS) is a fresh and exciting meme coin cryptocurrency project that emphasises community involvement and decentralisation. What sets Caged Beasts apart is its captivating art style inspired by science fiction and cyberpunk aesthetics. This shines primarily through the unique and dark design of its mutated lab animals as characters and collectible NFTs.

The main highlight of Caged Beasts is its innovative referral system. By creating your own referral code, you can earn rewards whenever someone uses it to make a deposit. For every successful referral, you’ll receive 20% of the referred person’s deposit directly into your wallet, be it in ETH, BNB, or USDT. Additionally, the person using your referral code will receive bonus tokens equal to 20% of their purchase. This unique approach is the first of its kind in the crypto world, and it’s meant to incentivise and reward community members to actively participate in the growth of the project’s user base.

BNB Chain: Liquid staking on Binance’s home turf

BNB Chain has introduced liquid staking through partnerships with Web3 protocols Ankr, Stader, and pStake protocols. With the introduction of BNB Chain, users can now earn interest by allocating BNB tokens to liquid staking protocols and receive  aBNBc, BNBX, and stkBNB tokens in return. The recent integration of pStake and Stader on the BNB Chain has resulted in a total value locked of 101,100 BNB ($30 million). The aim of liquid staking is to reduce concentration risk by utilising multiple protocols to avoid single points of failure.

Shiba Inu: SHIB Army call for its own staking platform

Despite not having its own liquid staking platform, It is possible to stake Shiba Inu (SHIB) through other platforms. For advanced investors, providing liquidity to a SHIB/ETH pair on a decentralised exchange (DEX) like Uniswap is recommended for higher returns. Beginners can opt for a centralised platform like Bybit, where staking SHIB tokens is simpler and offers a lower risk. Staking allows users to earn passive income in the form of additional SHIB tokens, influence network decisions through voting, contribute to the token’s value appreciation, and access exclusive features on the Shiba Inu platform.

Making your money work for you is definitely the way to go about building real wealth, and cryptocurrency is not different from traditional finance in that regard. Liquid staking is a valid and often rewarding method of earning passive income, but it is not without its risks, whereas Caged Beasts’ referral system is fun, straightforward and immediately profitable. And all you have to do is to invite others to the platform to receive 20% of their deposit, in addition to them being rewarded with an extra 20% of the tokens they bought. This system is not operational yet as the project is still in its infancy, but if you go to the website and register your email address you will be kept in the loop regarding everything Caged Beasts. So, go now and reserve your spot among the Beasts!

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WARNING: The investment in crypto assets is not regulated, it may not be suitable for retail investors and the total amount invested could be lost

AVISO IMPORTANTE: La inversión en criptoactivos no está regulada, puede no ser adecuada para inversores minoristas y perderse la totalidad del importe invertido

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