Prince Harry’s scathing assessment of UK government and press

Prince Harry attacked the UK government and press in court

Prince Harry's scathing assessment of UK government and press Credit: Alan Fraser Images/

Breaking royal protocol, Prince Harry has used his court case against the Mirror group for phone hacking to make a statement, June 6, describing what he sees as the sorry state of the UK government and tabloid press collusion. 

Suggesting that the government were in bed with the media, Harry took an opportunity to have his say in a public forum about how he sees the two entities working together to maintain a status quo.

He was reported by the Guardian as saying: “Democracy fails when your press fails to scrutinise and hold the government accountable, and instead choose to get into bed with them so they can ensure the status quo.”

He went on to say: “They claim to hold public figures to account, but refuse to hold themselves accountable. If they’re supposedly policing society, who on earth is policing them, when even the government is scared of alienating them because position is power? It is incredibly worrying for the entire UK.”

Harry has claimed that the world are looking at the behaviour of the press and government in the same light that he does and that the relationship he claims to exist is a poor reflection on the UK.

There are mixed sentiments on Twitter regarding Harry’s court appearance. Farrukh has posted this: “Prince Harry leaving the High Court after a very gruelling day of cross-examination. Hours on the witness stand. For taking on the media, is Prince Harry the people’s prince?”

This idea of Harry being the ‘people’s prince’ is echoed across Twitter but not universally. Evans E has quite the opposing view saying:

That’s how Harry ended up looking like a fool in court today. Wow! And then he called his mother an adulteress, effectively. Olivia Pope cannot redeem him. All case built on speculations, exaggerations, suspicion and paranoid. #PrinceHarryVsANL #PrinceHarryhasgonemad“.

With others agreeing that what he is bringing up in court is a blight on the British Royal Family, we will see if Harry’s actions will bring him his desired result in his legal case or bring about any changes in the relationship between press and government.

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