Crypto Marketing: What DogeMiyagi can learn from Dogecoin and Pepecoin

Crypto Marketing: What DogeMiyagi can learn from Dogecoin and Pepecoin

What is the secret to success in any product or service? Practicality? Maybe aesthetic? Yes, indeed, but the most important thing is marketing. For any product or service to truly be successful, it needs to make a noise on the news feeds and search results of every person possible. Crypto marketing is the most essential tool for any crypto brand looking to make it big in the market. This allows them to raise awareness of their products, establish trust with their customers by having a constant line of communication as well as show their growth by being loud about their milestones and goals.

One crypto that is considered to be a marketing genius is Dogecoin. They first found value not in their price, but in their popularity through a method called meme-stocks, which allowed them to find a great amount of momentum, among a variety of other avenues. Similarly, Pepe coin weaponised the same method but was a popular symbol in society well before it hit the market. DogeMiyagi has been smart with its marketing and concept in general, taking advantage of one of the most loved pieces of pop culture.

OG Memecoin & OG Marketer?

Dogecoin has become one of the most prolific names in the meme market and this is completely a result of its incredible marketing strategy. It gained popularity first and its actual value was just a by-product of this because it used distinct ideas of meme stocks as well as understanding the value around marketing trends.

Meme stocks occur when the shares of a company gain popularity due to high social sentiment, and Dogecoin has weaponised this through meme sharing. By utilising social media, primarily Twitter and Reddit, Dogecoin made a loud bang online. Thereafter, through intense sharing, a trend was made, and coupled with the association of Elon Musk, many people were even more enticed to purchase dogecoin due to the social value it held.

Dogecoin’s marketing strategy was one of the strongest ever seen in the market and through this, it allowed the coin to be second mentioned next to Bitcoin.

The Frog that was famous before Crypto

Following the trajectory of successful trends creating success for meme tokens, Pepe Coin was on this exact track. Before it hit the crypto market, it was a symbol of pop culture that was used in countless memes across the internet. One could say that Pepecoin practiced meme stocks without even knowing it.

When it entered the market – albeit without even a presale – it raised over a billion dollars in a matter of weeks. This was a result of the existing popularity it had and also because of the colossal number of eager investors who wanted to be $PEPE token holders, similar to the enticement created by Dogecoin.

Popular Concept, Easy Marketing

One could say that DogeMiyagi might just be the universe boss of marketing. Using a concept that already exists and is extremely popular, coupled with the value that it offers its users, it is already on the path to being as great as Dogecoin. With Karate Kid being one of the most loved and most referenced pieces of pop culture, DogeMiyagi has positioned itself perfectly in the meme stock arena.

By utilising the concept of Karate Kid, DogeMiyagi has already established itself as a must-have coin based on its social value, alongside perfectly targeting the correct age group of investors, who would have had Karate Kid play a big role in their upbringing, therefore also forming an emotional connection with the concept. As it makes more impactful appearances in the media and on newsfeeds, its popularity will rapidly increase and this will lead to a rise in valuation.

Furthermore, DogeMiyagi employs a similar strategy to Dogecoin for their social media. The platform is very loud about its achievements, limited-time offers, and other features, further motivating its intended audience to invest.

For new coins entering the market, exceptional marketing is essential for success. After all, cryptocurrency is a community-focused concept and marketing has the power to form communities. Taking lessons from Dogecoin and Pepecoin, DogeMiyagi has actually implemented a few of both token’s strategies – being well-known before crypto and being loud on social media. Putting more of this into practice will ensure that DogeMiyagi finds the right kind of success it is currently chasing.

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