Biden’s Strange Comment: God Save The Queen, Man

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US President Joe Biden Credit: The White House Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 us

Biden ended a speech on gun control in Connecticut on June 16, with the words: “Alright? God save the Queen, man,” baffling many onlookers and pundits. 

President Joe Biden spoke at the National Safer Communities Summit in Connecticut and baffled many, with many comments appearing online. Some have pointed to his list of gaffes as a worrying sign for an ageing president.

Sky News posted a video of the strange remark on Twitter saying: “The US president was speaking at a gun control event in Connecticut when he ended his speech with ‘God save the Queen, man”.

Many of the reporters present at the event were clueless as to the intent of what Biden had said and other commenters questioned how a man who had attended the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II less than a year ago could make such a strange remark.

Brick Suit posted a longer version of the video on Twitter saying: “Joe Biden ends his remarks in Connecticut with ‘God save the queen man.’ He then immediately proceeds to ask which direction he should leave the stage. 25th amendment anyone?”

The 25th Amendment in US law refers to the removal of a standing president and the above clip is not the first time that President Biden has got lost trying to leave a stage he has just spoken on.

Press TV Extra posted this recent video of Biden announcing a new infrastructure initiative. They said on Twitter: “Gaffe-prone US President Biden has a new one out: “We have plans to build a railroad from the Pacific all the way across the Indian Ocean.”

Concetta commented on the same plan on Twitter, posting a map of the proposed route and saying: “This is the visual to Biden’s plan for his proposed project, a railway connecting the Pacific to the Indian Ocean, please.  Looking for ways to defend his gaffe, even a bridge is ridiculous. He is a senile fool”.

In reality, Biden delivered a jovial yet poignant speech on the need for further safety around firearms in the USA, a country which doesn’t quite top world lists for gun-related deaths but certainly has some of the most publicised mass shootings.

Biden’s full speech has been transcribed on the US government’s website.

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