Here Is How WhatsApp Can Now Help You Avoid Scam Calls And Messages

WhatsApp username feature

WhatsApp: useful new feature. Credit: Oasisamuel

WhatsApp has now launched a user-friendly feature that will allow people to block unknown callers from messaging and ringing them with potential spam and fraudulent intentions.

Over the last few years when people have become smarter and more aware of cold callers and how to spot which ones are scams and which ones are looking to exploit you, scammers are now getting more inventive.

For example, many people love the last year have received messages claiming to be coming from a parent, son, daughter or loved one that is in distress and needs help urgently with money because they have lost their phone.

WhatsApp to help people combat scams

However, these are always a sign of a scam and should be avoided at all costs, but sometimes people do get fooled by how genuine these messages and sometimes phone calls can be from scammers.

That is why WhatsApp are now actively looking to help people avoid such scams and ensure that their encrypted messaging service is the best and safest way to talk to people and not get scammed.

The social media platform has now introduced a new feature called ‘Silence Unknown Callers’ which will allow users to weed out what is fake and what is a scam a lot easier just by changing one thing in your WhatsApp settings.

WhatsApp's new feature to silence unknown numbers

If users wish to activate this new feature they must first update WhatsApp in the App Store (or the equivalent to that on your device) and once that is done then people must open up WhatsApp and then click on settings in the bottom right corner.

How to enable this new feature

Then, click on the privacy section, then calls. Once that is done you should be presented with an option to either turn on Silence Unknown Callers or leave it off, it really has been made that simple by WhatsApp for people to use.

If you decide to turn this new feature on then any unknown numbers calling your WhatsApp number will be silenced and not disrupt your day, however, they will still appear in your call history section of the app, just in case it was someone important that you didn’t have a number saved for.

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