US Senator Admits America Own Countless Amounts Of UFOs

US to hold historic public hearing on UFOs - now called Unexplained Aerial Sightings

US to hold historic public hearing on UFOs - now called Unexplained Aerial Sightings. Image: Albert Antony/Unsplash

US Senator, Marco Rubio, has revealed that he’s heard first-hand from people within the Pentagon about how the USA has a dedicated area for crashed and retrieved unidentified flying objects.

For many years now, people all around the world have spoken about another life form outside of Earth and given how big the universe and our galaxy is, that is certainly a plausible thought that many agree with.

People all over the world have reported sightings of UFOs and while these are usually disregarded as fake images and perhaps even fake news, the USA have started to take sightings more seriously in recent years with some even being explored by senior officials.

It would make sense that we humans are not the only people living in this universe given how massive it is, but as of yet, nobody has ever been able to have contact or show for definite, that there are other living things.

USA are keeping UFOs hidden

Now though, Rubio – who is a US Senator – has dropped some groundbreaking news that people inside the Pentagon have told him the US has a private location where they store any UFOs that have crash landed in America.

“A lot of these people came to us even before these protections were in the law for whistleblowers to come forward,” Rubio told NewsNation Monday.

“I’m not trying to be evasive, but I am trying to be protective of these people.

“Some of these people still work in the government, and frankly, a lot of them are very fearful,’ the Florida Republican noted, ‘fearful of their jobs, fearful of their clearances, fearful of their career, and some frankly are fearful of harm coming to them.”

Many people trying to keep these aircrafts a secret

It’s not just what Rubio has said and the outlandish comments that could have people concerned or perhaps excited, but also the fact that he claims so many highs senior officials within the Pentagon have given these account about UFOs and that they do indeed exist in America.

Rubio went on to add: “So, you do ask yourself, ‘What incentive would so many people, with that kind of qualification, have to come forward and make something up?”

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