Joe Biden Openly Admits To Selling US Secrets In Damning Video

US President Biden. Credit: Gints Ivuskans Shutterstock

Joe Biden has seemingly put his foot right in it once again to the on-watching public with his latest comments while meeting with the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Mondi.

America’s political scene has been in turmoil for a number of years now with many people opposing former president Donald Trump for his sometimes racist and sexist remarks that were made in both public and private, and now others are against the current man in power, Biden.

This is because he is seemingly unfit to be running office and being regarded as the most powerful man in the world with his health coming into conversation on several occasions as he struggles to speak fluently and keep his breath.

Biden is indeed an old man so people can’t expect him to be bouncing around stages and holding passionate rallies like some of the former presidents did such as Barack Obama and Trump who engaged a national and a vast amount of supporters.

He’s the 46th president of the United States and is also the oldest man to have ever been sworn into the Oval Office with Biden set to turn 81 later this year, many are starting to become worried for both their own health and safety as well as Biden’s.

Joe Biden admits to selling secrets

During a meeting with the Indian Prime Minster Mondi, Biden was speaking openly, perhaps too open for some people’s liking, about how he had been doing things perhaps off the record that many would frown upon.

Biden started the meeting with Mondi by trying to say a sentence, before seemingly losing his trail of thought and swiftly trying to move on to another topic of conversation about him selling state secrets.

Biden’s health becoming more of an issue

There have been slight rumours and whispers in the USA about Biden potentially selling secrets to the war-stricken Ukraine and potentially even China to try and strike up better relationships with the two countries.

While this hasn’t been proven – and Biden indeed isn’t under any sort of investigation – it is slightly worrying for people of the US and the world if the most powerful man on Earth is simply selling on sensitive secrets.

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    • CCW60

      29 June 2023 • 15:07

      Most of this article had nothing to do with what Biden actually said in the video you shared which was that he admitted selling a lot of state secrets and other important things. Why bring Trump into this article at all? Trump has not been the president since 2020. The current very dangerous man BIDEN or JoeBama as some people call him is sitting in the oval office. Should the world be worried? YES, you should be very worried! You said there is no current investigation into him or his money laundering deals with Ukraine and China. That is true. The American people have been screaming and asking why he isn’t under investigation when we ALL know if his last name was Trump he’d be sitting in prison already. There is a Deep State in America and it is protecting Obama, the Bidens, Clintons, the Bush’s and has protected others who have committed criminal acts throughout our history. Most Americans are finally starting to see this and many in our own government are being forced to admit it. If things look crazy in America it’s because they ARE

      • DBath

        01 July 2023 • 02:16


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