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TO be honest I wasn’t feeling particularly grumpy this week but of course that didn’t last for long because I’ve decided that governments and town halls, or at least the ministers and rule- making people that work there do not live in the real world. They come up with stuff that if it was a business or a company they just wouldn’t be able to get away with. Three things spring to mind. 1) This week they have just introduced this new living wage increase. I think it’s now £7.20 an hour in the UK ….but only if you are over 25. What d***head decided you can have a 24-year-old and a 25-year-old both doing the same job but earning different amounts?  Why on earth would you not pay them the same? The 24-year-old could be married with three kids and the 25-year-old a singleton. It’s nuts!

What about this one? If you are an expat, when you started work say at 15 years old, which we did in my day, you were told that if you do 50 years hard work as a man and 45 for a woman, you will get back a little bit in the form of a pension, so that, to me, is a contract. Then all of a sudden, a few years ago, they started changing the rules. Mrs S gets to 60 and is told “Nah sorry love we moved the goal posts you have got to be 66.”  In one foul swoop 5 million people are no longer going to get their pension when they thought they would.  All the plans they had financially are gone, changed just like that. If it was a company they couldn’t do it. You can’t treat people like that. It should be illegal. When the banks forced you to take out PPI the law came along and said,“Oi that’s a liberty, give them their money back.” But when the government does it to over 5 million people, nada, nothing. How can it be right?

There is one here that is going to catch a few people out too. Make sure that if you rent out your place for holiday rentals that you check this new law. You have to register, that’s fine, so you pay tax on the income. Which I do agree with too. Just look at all the other stuff- you may be in for a nasty surprise.  See how quickly I can get a grump on!

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Mike Senker

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