iPhone 15 Leak Suggests There’s A Game Changing Feature Coming

Apple to give each worker €900 to help them work from home

Apple to give each worker €900 to help them work from home. image: twitter@markgurman

It has been rumoured that the newest iPhone will be made out of resilient titanium alloy, which will make it far more difficult for people to smash or crack their phones.

Most people are guilty of dropping their iPhones and either smashing, cracking or scratching them since the very first one was launched back in 2007, but when the iPhone 15 comes out, this could be a thing of the past.

According to Patently Apple, the newest iPhone will no longer be made with its usual stainless steel frame and is instead being switched out for the much lighter and resilient titanium alloy which will make it easier to carry your iPhone.

iPhones to get a new look this summer

While both steel and titanium are similar in terms of strength, the fact that the latter can sometimes be as much as 45% lighter, which could, in turn, make it far easier to carry and thus, not be inclined to fall out of your hand or pocket due to its weight.

This could be an important feature with iPhones seemingly getting bigger every time a new one is released, Apple certainly needs to address the issue of weight and how it is so easy for people to get a crack in their expensive mobile phones.

It’s a sensible step from Apple that will potentially save people money when it comes to getting their iPhones fixed a lot less, however, there is one big downside to Apple changing from steel to titanium.

That one big drawback is that titanium is a much more expensive material, which will certainly give Apple an excuse to once again increase their prices, although this time they may well have a valid reason for doing so.

Apple to start using titanium over steel

If titanium proves to be a big hit in terms of stopping iPhones from getting damaged as often and with such ease, then it could well be rolled out and used for other popular products such as Apple Watches, MacBooks and iPads going forward, meaning a big price increase across the board from Apple.

One thing that must be remembered though is that Apple have not yet confirmed anything of the sort, so this could all just be speculation that comes to nothing, although it would be a very sensible step for Apple to take.

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