Health Industry Slammed For Common Use Of Midazolam and Other Medicines

Vaccinated Australian celeb blast calls for more vaccine booster doses

Vaccinated Australian celeb blast calls for more vaccine booster doses. Image: angellodeco/

The UK health industry in particular has come in for fresh criticism due to their unnecessary use of Midazolam during the Covid 19 pandemic.

It has been a huge topic of discussion over the last 12-18 months as to what really went on during the worldwide Covid 19 pandemic which saw billions of people take up a vaccination that had gone through very few tests. Many elderly patients in care homes were frequently left with minimal contact with family members due to the ultimately futile lockdown and PPE protocols and were prescribed midazolam often along side morphine when they had little understanding or what the treatment really meant. This combination of medications is linked with numerous deaths in UK, Irish and American care facilities for people needing 24 hour care as during times in the pandemic through no fault of their own staff were not allowed to care for their patients often because they had the common sense to decline an experimental vaccine for a disease with a tiny death rate while still being a serious illness for those with compromised or complicated medical histories. Many elderly patients faded away within days of being prescribed the medications as there simply was not enough staff to look after them.

The effects of the vaccines in many peoples eyes were seemingly largely positive then as restrictions were lifted and many people avoided contracting Covid 19, however, there are still doubts and warnings about the long-term effects these vaccinations may well have on people with new side effects emerging all the time.

Amish community leading the way in medicine

American entrepreneur Steve Kirsch has been speaking live about what the vaccination has done to people, but also, what the wider medical practices are doing to the US public amid a damning use of Midazolam.

One thing that he constantly refers to in the video above is how the Amish community seemingly have next to no deficiencies or learning difficulties, which raises the question as to what we as a community doing so differed from them.

The simple answer appears to be medicine. Medicine that is created and distributed by large corporate companies who are seeking to make a huge profit – and have done for many years now – on the wider public who are supposed to blindly accept what they are told.

Amish people use their own methods and ways of treating illnesses and sickness bugs which many may well look down on and see as uncivilised, but they appear to be doing better in terms of negating any long-lasting impacts on them and their children.

Covid questions continue

However, this should perhaps be looked into a bit more as many US doctors have come out in recent times to apologise to the public about how willingly they injected people with the potentially dangerous Covid 19 vaccination.

Therefore, it does make people, wonder how many other doctors are still living in fear about speaking out about what they truly believe in and how dishing out so many untested vaccinations was a very dangerous thing to do.

Nothing has ever been proved – and likely never will – about what really happened behind the scenes during the creation of a Covid 19 vaccination and it could well be that all this talk is a load of nonsense and everything was done ethically correctly, but the world certainly doesn’t usually work in that way.

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