Mike Senker – Why Am I Moaning ?

Why am I moaning?

AS I’ve said many times I love living in Spain and I try very hard not to cop the hump with the way certain things are dealt with but sometimes it’s almost impossible.

Because of my misspent youth I now suffer for it in my old age and one of the many ailments I have is diabetes. I went to the doctor for a check-up and she said that my sugar levels were sky high and we needed to get it sorted so she referred me to the hospital to see a specialist as she couldn’t prescribe the necessary med. Three months later I got to see the specialist and she very quickly told me that the doctor was correct, and I must say, was very thorough. So what have I got to moan about you may ask? Well are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin.

The specialist says: “You need to go on insulin and there is a new slow release injection you can have. It’s very simple and very easy.” She then starts to write out all the prescriptions for my new kit which consists of a pre-loaded pen, a machine for testing my sugar level (that’s free) and the strips for that machine, plus some new pills and that’s it. Simple. So I take the prescriptions to the pharmacy. First of all they don’t have the pen in stock because it’s so new. “OK so it will be here tomorrow, I’ll just have everything else then.” “Ah no you won’t.” “Why?” “Because the prescriptions for the strips that measure your sugar level have to be approved by the inspector.” “What inspector?” “Who? Clouseau? Maigret?” “The health inspector.” “Where do I find him?” “He visits the doctor’s surgery with a big stamp that approves stuff.”  So off we go and Mrs. S takes all the bits of paper that need approving to the doctors to see the stamper person. Mrs. S always does this stuff as she speaks Spanish and basically …well I don’t!  The next day I go to get the pen. Remember it wasn’t in stock and I ask the pharmacist to remind me how to use it. She explains and during the lesson says I have to change the needle every day. No problem. “How many needles do I get with the pen?” “None”, she says. “So how do I inject myself? Were they on one of the prescriptions?” “No, you have to get them from the nurse.” “What nurse?” “The nurse that works at the doctors that you went to today to get all your bits of paper stamped by the inspector!”

NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! By now I’m in stage four grumpy mode and decide I’ll just buy the bloody needles. “Sorry we don’t stock them and nor do our suppliers because the insulin pen is so new.” But the helpful pharmacist says she will ring round and find out where to get them. So, three months, 1 week and counting I still haven’t got my new diabetes meds that I urgently need.

If you don’t see my column next week it may be that I’m in a diabetic coma somewhere waiting to be stamped!

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Written by

Mike Senker

Grumpy Old Man Mike Senker provokes laughter and some groans with his spot on observations of life in the modern age.