UFO debris Has Reportedly Been Found In Pacific Ocean

Pentagon UFO Report Cannot Explain 'Advanced Technology' Mystery Sightings

Pentagon UFO Report Cannot Explain 'Advanced Technology' Mystery Sightings. image: Pentagon press

A UFO-hunting Harvard scientist has claimed that debris found in the Pacific Ocean could be from an interstellar aircraft.

UFOs have become a huge topic of conversation in the modern era with many people – mainly in the USA – claiming that they have seen one and attempting to get them researched and looked into by the government.

It was only in recent times that the US government opened up a case to explore several UFO sightings that had been reported amid the thought of there being life beyond Earth and extraterrestrial living on another planet.

Haravd scientists have recently been able to recover and analyse some small unusual-looking iron spheres after they spent a while tracking down an unidentified object just off the coast of Papa New Guinea, which was part of a wider $1.5 million underwater search mission.

Interstellar object found in Pacific Ocean

This object that crash-landed into one of the biggest oceans in the world is said to look like an interstellar object that has come from outer space and is not said to be designed by human technology, pointing towards there being other forms of life.

Professor Loeb – who is well known as the alien hunter of Harvard – had the following to say after his recent discovery in his search for proof that aliens exist: “This composition is anomalous compared to human-made alloys, known asteroids and familiar astrophysical sources.

Even the world-renowned scientific company NASA have admitted that the interstellar object known as IM1 almost certainly came from outer space which would make it Earth’s first-ever visitor from outer space.

Proof that there may be life beyond Earth

Harvard have yet to rule out this being classified as an Alien spacecraft, but it will also be very difficult o prove this theory as IM1 did indeed burst into flames ages before it struck into the ocean off Papa New Guinea, although how hard it crashed into the ocean from the sky suggests it is certainly not from this planet.

However, it is a huge step forward in getting people to start thinking critically and open-mindedly about their being life beyond Earth, because given how big the universe and galaxy are, this is certainly not beyond the realms of possibility that humans are the only things walking about.

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