Check Out These Four Game Changing Updates Coming To iOS 17

Apple's logo outside one of their infamous buildings

Apple's famous logo beaming outside a huge building

Apple have teased the highly anticipated iOS 17 update for a while now claiming it will be available sometime in July, meaning it could drop any time soon.

When iOS 17 finally drops, users will be greeted with some very cool and useful changes to their iPhones and we have picked out four of the best ones that you should know about before installing the new software.

Help identify symbols

For a lot of people, when they buy new clothes they don’t check out how to wash them properly and make sure if they should or should not be tumble dried, instead and just throw them in with everything else and quite often this sees them shrink in size very quickly, but iOS 17 will soon make this a thing of the past.

This is because you will be able to point your camera at a label and your iPhone will search for what they mean and give you a visual list of what they mean for you, making life a lot easier, but it doesn’t just stop there at clothing labels, but also reaches as far as car warning lights.

Not everyone is clued up on their cars and knows what all the lights and warning symbols mean, but your iPhone will soon be able to tell you exactly what they mean very quickly and help you navigate around what to do next, simply by pointing your camera at the dashboard.

Easy-to-use QR codes

Since iPhones were able to scan QR codes, they have been difficult to use and click on as the link follows the code while you are moving your phone, making it tricky to click on the web link, but this will soon no longer happen.

In iOS 17, when you scan a QR code on your camera app, the link to the website will now be fixed at the bottom of your screen, meaning you can move away from the QR code and still be able to click on the link.

Save voice notes

In a more quirky update, people who frequently use voice notes will now be able to keep special or important messages in the voice memos app.

Right now, the only way you can keep a voice note is by clicking on the prompt beneath a voice note when you have listened to one but it would only remain there in that text message chain, but in iOS17 they will be all kept in one place in your voice memos app.

Real-time moon position

If you are a fan of the moon and everything it has to offer then this next update could be just for you because, in the new weather app, you will be able to see where the moon is for your part of the world and also offers facts such as the illumination and when the next full moon will be.

This will help people learn more about the moon and also makes it look a lot more aesthetically pleasing, which was needed for the pretty boring weather app.

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