Everything You Need to Know Before You Vote

PP leader Alberto Nuñez Feijóo

Casting Your Vote: A Nation's Destiny Lies in Your Hands - 23-J Image:Twitter/ Alberto Núñez Feijóo Leader of PP

ON the eve of the eagerly anticipated general election, Spain braces itself for a tightly contested race. The Partido Popular (PP) currently holds the favoured position, while the PSOE hopes to build on its recent ‘timid recovery’ shown in polls. Meanwhile, Sumar and Vox anticipate playing pivotal roles in forming a government.

Throughout the campaign, two distinct phases emerged for the leading parties. Initially, PP appeared unstoppable after a successful televised debate led by its leader, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, against Pedro Sánchez of the PSOE. However, PP faltered, boosting the morale of the Socialists and energising Sumar following a praised performance by its candidate, Yolanda Díaz, in a three-way debate.

PSOE and Sumar are riding the wave of optimism after closing the campaign in a state of euphoria. Despite being considered the likely losers by public opinion, PSOE witnessed enthusiastic rallies and strong support from its base. Similarly, Sumar’s rise in popularity forced PP to acknowledge and target the party in its campaign.

As the campaign entered its final stretch, polls suggested a shift in momentum, indicating a tentative recovery for PSOE. However, caution is advised, as PP remains the frontrunner, and the election’s outcome remains uncertain. The most likely scenario points to a narrow majority for the PP and Vox, but the results could swing in different directions, from a deadlock to a PSOE-led government.

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Notably, Yolanda Díaz’s growing influence has become a focal point in the campaign. The PP, which initially ignored her, has since targeted her with harsh attacks, and she managed to highlight Feijóo’s past friendship with a convicted smuggler, Marcial Dorado. Feijóo’s reputation has been challenged, leaving the PP to reign in their optimism.

For PP, the dream is to secure a majority, enabling them to govern independently. However, they’ve urged their supporters not to become overconfident and sought support from Vox voters for a strategic vote. Meanwhile, Vox’s primary goal is to prevent the leakage of votes toward the PP, which has been detected in polls.

With election day looming, Spaniards eagerly await the outcome that will shape the country’s political landscape. Both the left and the right are hopeful of their prospects, but as election day approaches, uncertainties remain. The voters’ decision on 23-J will determine the future direction of Spain, making it a crucial moment for the nation and its people.

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