Calls For Spanish Government To Help With Price Of Gluten-Free Products

Petition For Cheaper Gluten-Free Products

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A petition has been launched that calls on the Spanish government to help out with the price of gluten-free products, which are considerably higher than standard ones.

People who suffer from Coeliac disease can only eat products without gluten, but to do so they have to pay more for basic foodstuffs such as bread, hence the petition publicised on is an internet platform that allows users to create and sign petitions in order to raise awareness and influence decision-makers.

Coeliacs Appeal For Government To Help

Xavier Villegas from Barcelona has highlighted an issue which perhaps people who do not suffer from Coeliac disease are unaware of. In an appeal to the Spanish government, the statement reads: ‘We are calling on the political forces in the Spanish Congress of Deputies to include an amendment in the State Budget to ensure that gluten-free products are taxed at 4 per cent VAT.

‘At present, these products are considerably more expensive, and we do not receive any kind of rebate or subsidy. We need financial support to address this excessive cost overrun, similar to what is offered in other European countries.

‘Help us to ensure that products essential to our diet are available to everyone affected by coeliac condition – your signature can make a difference in defending the rights of people with coeliac condition!’

So far the petition has gathered over 2,700 signatures, with a little more help this can they hope to get to 5,000 and more, in order to present a compelling case.

The appeal continues: ‘I call on the political forces represented in the Congress of Deputies to include an additional amendment in the articles of the General State Budget for 2021. We ask that article 69 on reduced tax rates should include a 4 per cent tax rate for GLUTEN-FREE food products made specifically for people with coeliac condition: gluten-free porridge, cereal flours labelled as gluten-free, special gluten-free breads, gluten-free breakfast cereals and gluten-free bakery products.

‘Despite the fact that comparative studies show that gluten-free products in Spain are significantly more expensive than those containing gluten, the Spanish government does not offer any kind of rebate or subsidy to this group, which is even more aggravating when the products specifically for our diet are not taxed at the super-reduced VAT rate. This means that all families have to cope with the deviation of more than €900 per year in the shopping basket that falls solely and exclusively on us and our relatives.

Gluten-Free Likened To Medicine

‘Already in the Ombudsman’s report on coeliac condition in 2017, he stated that we coeliacs need some kind of financial support, either through tax deductions or direct aid to cope with this excessive extra cost that we families have to face, as is already the case in most European countries.

‘I therefore call for direct aid programmes at state level and a deduction of the VAT rate on specific products for people with coeliac condition, in order to reduce or compensate for the price difference between specific products and their gluten-free counterparts.

‘As people diagnosed with coeliac conditions, the purchase of “gluten-free” products is comparable to the purchase of medicines for the treatment of other pathologies; they are essential and basic products in our diet. If we do not eat gluten-free, we become ill.’

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      It´s probably more healthy to avoid the products that contain gluten. We don´t actually need to eat bread, and pasrty etc, it´s just slave food. Stick to meat. fish poultry and fruit and veg

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