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At last, drivers in Spain can be fined up to €200 for not using their vehicle’s indicators when moving from one lane to another or making a turn, as the DGT introduce a new rule.

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It has taken the Directorate General of Traffic (DGT) quite some time to decide that enough is enough, as Spanish authorities now seek to crack down on the inconsistent use of an important safety feature: the indicator. Whilst there has previously been no consequence for haphazard usage, the DGT has now brought into force a hefty €200 fine for non-compliance.

According to the DGT, over the average life of a vehicle, the indicators can be used up to 200,000 times. They are there for road safety and must be used with plenty of advance warning, not just at the last minute.

The People’s Reaction

Readers of the Euro Weekly News have spoken. Over the past week this article has hit home with our readers as they have taken to our channels to express their opinions on this definitive action from the DGT.

In a classic display of the humour that Brits are well known for, read on for a glimpse of the top comments:

Three columns of Facebook Comments taken from the comment section of Euro Weekly News' article about the DGT indicator fines
Taken from Euro Weekly News’ Facebook comments section from the original DGT Indicator Fines article / credit: Facebook

Top Comments

“Maybe this piece should be in Spanish…”, Eleni Lolkema

“Let’s hope they go for middle lane motorway cruisers next”, Zoe Austin York

“I thought indicators were optional extras on Spanish cars.”, Adrienne Marshall

“Garages will have a field day. Fitting indicators to so many cars”, Ian Sutch

“After 30 years on the roads here, if I’ve learnt anything it is that a) indicators are entirely random and b) highly unlikely to actually indicate what the maneuver will be.”, Mark Millar

“It is time the authorities took this action. I have seen far too many ” near misses” because a driver has failed to indicate their intentions…”, Mike Brister

“Perhaps the Guardia and Police Local should begin to use theirs, and set a good example.”, Don Deacon

“Lorry drivers are the absolute worst, not only do they hit the indicator as they turn the wheel, they just veer out without checking their mirrors! As they have so many blind-spots, they should be constantly monitoring the traffic behind them. I’m aware of the blind-spot, so I always signal my intention to overtake, and pull over with plenty of distance so they can see me coming, but the problem is often they aren’t paying attention and just suddenly change lanes carelessly. Unfortunately, I have to drive hundreds of KM a week and many times I’ve almost been taken out by this particular action, or because they’re swerving all over the road, not staying in their lane. They cause so many accidents, deaths and complete chaos when they crash, or catch on fire. A lot more should be done to regulate them and educate them to:- Mirror, Signal, Manoeuvre!”, Concha

“Does it matter if the signals are wrong? Or just use them willynilly”,Susie Sebbage

“Was expecting a few thousand comments on this one, :):).
Driven in a lot of differing countries but Spain is the worst for indicator use, or not as per norm. No realisation there is a degree of precognitive thought process required to carry out this action correctly.”, DJH

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