Police Identify Body Found In Alicante

Image of Guardia Civil vehicles in Spain.

Image of Guardia Civil vehicles in Spain. Credit: bela art/Shutterstock.com

The discovery of a body in Alicante has solved an incident which happened over a year ago thanks to the collaboration of international forces.

The Guardia Civil released a report on Friday, July 28 giving details of the Epsa operation, which solved the murder of a man during a failed drug robbery last year in a villa in Aspe, Alicante.

Another man from the group of assailants was also seriously injured in the raid as a result of a shoot-out between the two gangs.

International cooperation has led to the identification, arrest and extradition of two men and a woman in France and another in Germany for the alleged crimes of murder, belonging to a criminal group, drug trafficking, forgery of documents and illegal possession of weapons.

Reports Of Missing Person

The investigation began as a result of a report filed by the brother of the deceased who had gone missing two days earlier. Officers located one of his associates who explained that he had gone with the missing man and two other people to a villa in Aspe to steal the drugs that were being manufactured there.

Once there, there was a shoot-out in which several of them were wounded by bullets and after which they all fled.

Officers went to the house where they found evidence of gunshots and blood. From that moment on, the Guardia Civil began a double investigation to locate the missing young man and to find out what happened that night.

Remains Of Body Found By Hiker

A hiker found remains of bones and some shoes in a spot in the Sierra de Novelda on the afternoon of December 24, 2022.

The investigators and the forensic specialist located the rest of the bones that had been scattered due to weather conditions and the passage of time. The skull had a bullet wound, remains of the projectile and DNA which confirmed that it was the missing young man.

A visual and technical inspection was carried out in the chalet which revealed different DNA samples and fingerprints that were used to identify the members of the group.

The investigators determined that they were a criminal group of Polish nationals who assumed false identities in Spain in order to manufacture drugs in the villa in Aspe and also in the town of Novelda.

Events That Led To Murder

On the night of April 25, 2022, the deceased and three other individuals, of Moroccan nationality, went to the villa in Aspe with the aim of stealing the drugs from the group of Polish traffickers.

The confrontation led to a shoot-out between the two groups where the missing man was killed from a gunshot to the head, while another member of the assailants was wounded in the arm.

The Moroccan assailants fled the scene, while the Polish traffickers disposed of the body, which they hid on a hillside in the mountains of Novelda before they fled to France and Germany.

Arrests And Extradition Of Suspects

International cooperation led to the identification, arrest and extradition of two men and a woman in France and another in Germany for the alleged crimes of murder, membership of a criminal group, drug trafficking, falsification of documents and illegal possession of weapons. All of them aged between 20 and 49.

The other three male assailants of Moroccan origin, aged between 24 and 38, have also been charged with attempted murder, illegal possession of weapons, robbery with force and membership of a criminal organisation.

The operation was carried out by the Alicante Command and involved officers from the Crevillente Judicial Police Team, and Aspe, the Alicante Citizen Security Unit, the Alicante and Madrid Command Cinology Service, the Alicante Underwater Specialists Group (GEAS) and the Alicante Civil Guard Crime Laboratory.

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