Comedy Legend Joe Pasquale In Freak Accident

Joe Pasquale Impales Himself On Moose antlers

Joe Pasquale. Credit: JoePasquale/

It was nearly curtains for one of Britain’s comedy legends after a freak on-stage accident last week.

Sixty-two-year-old comedian, Joe Pasquale revealed today August 4, how he was rushed to hospital after the near-fatal incident which saw him impaled by the razor-sharp antler of a Moose, writes LBC.

The accident happened shortly after the curtain fell at the Embassy Theatre in Skegness on Saturday, July 29, on the second night of his nationwide tour.

Speaking about his lucky escape to presenter Kate Thornton on the White Wine Question Time podcast, the former ‘I’m A Celebrity’ winner said: ‘I nearly died at the weekend. I nearly killed myself, I nearly died. I really did. That close!’

The veteran comedian explained about the stage prop that nearly ended it all: ‘In the act, I have a great big pair of moose antlers and they’re huge things – they’ve got like these huge prongs sticking out.

‘And the gag is I have to put them on my head and I go: ”I put too much mousse on me hair.” But at the end of the act, the curtains came down and all my props are strewn all over the stage and they bring the lights down obviously.’

The squeaky-voiced comic went on to describe what happened: ‘And I’m starting to put all my props away and I literally trip over my moose head. It was in slow motion. My moose head’s on the floor all sticking up and I’m starting to go down – I’m falling onto the moose head. I was going to impale myself on eight moose points right in my belly. Seriously, I was going to die.’

Pasquale went on to say that despite his age he is quite ‘nimble’ and managed to avoid serious injury: ‘It was like Tom Cruise in the new Mission Impossible film. I actually twisted round onto my back as well, all in a split second. It was all in a split second.

‘And as I came down on the moose’s head, on its prongs, it only got me in the back of the leg. It really hurt, but I thought ”that’s ok.”‘

Calling his tour manage Lee over he said: ‘”I’ve just fallen over and landed on my moose head.” He laughed. I pulled my trousers down to show him and he nearly went white, he nearly fainted. He went, ”Oh my god, you need a medic.”‘

Despite the injury Joe decided not to go to the local hospital: ‘”There’s no way I’m going to Skegness at 11 o’clock, I’ll be there for 48 hours, it will be full of every drunk person in the world there.”‘

‘In the morning I was in Bridlington so I went to an A&E in Bridlington. I go there nine o’clock in the morning. They sewed me up. I had to have seven stitches.

Joe took to Instagram to thank medical staff: ‘Big thanks to the guys at Brid UTC for patching me up this morning.’

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