Heatwave to Hit Europe: How to Keep Cool

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As the temperature rises during the scorching summer months, keeping your house cool becomes a top priority for comfort and well-being. With the European heatwave bringing temperatures near 50 degrees Celsius in some countries, staying cool becomes a matter of personal safety.

The 2023 heatwave, nicknamed Cerberus, has already caused deaths near the Mediterranean. In this article, we will discuss several practical and detailed tips to help you beat the heat and create a safe atmosphere within your home.

Get Proper Insulation

Although we associate insulation with staying warm, it is also key to maintaining a cool house during a heatwave. Start by inspecting your home for any areas that may lack insulation, such as the attic, walls, and windows.

Adding insulation can significantly reduce the transfer of heat from outside to inside your home, explains energy experts, Warmable.co.uk. Consider using materials like spray foam insulation, fiberglass batts, or reflective barriers to maximise the effectiveness of your insulation.

Use Window Treatments

Properly selected window treatments can play a crucial role in reducing heat gain from direct sunlight. Direct sunlight can make your room heat up like a greenhouse, especially if you have a lot of windows. To avoid this, you should consider the following:

Change Your Blinds or Curtains

Blinds and shades provide an effective barrier against the sun’s rays. Choose reflective options to reflect sunlight, and consider installing blackout blinds or shades for particularly hot rooms.

Thick, insulating curtains made of light-coloured or reflective fabric can help block out heat. Close them during the hottest parts of the day to keep the interior cool. In addition to blocking light, insulated curtains provide an extra layer of thermal protection. Look for curtains with insulating properties to minimise heat transfer.

Use Window Film

Window films with UV protection can block a significant amount of heat and glare while still allowing natural light to enter. They are easy to install and can be a cost-effective solution.

Outdoor Shade

Install exterior shading devices like awnings, pergolas, or shutters to block direct sunlight. These additions can keep your garden and patio areas cool so you can use your paddling pool or enjoy your garden this summer.

Ventilate Your Rooms

Proper ventilation is essential for maintaining a comfortable indoor environment during a heatwave. Take advantage of cooler air in the early mornings and evenings by opening windows strategically. Create cross-ventilation by opening windows on opposite sides of your home to facilitate the flow of air.

Ceiling fans are an energy-efficient way to circulate air and create a cooling effect. Set your ceiling fans to rotate counterclockwise during the summer to push air downward, providing a breeze, or buy portable fans and place them near windows.

An easy trick to keeping your house cold in the summer is to take a bowl of ice cubes and place them in front of the fan. This blows cool air around the room, creating a cheap DIY alternative to aircon.

Control Indoor Heat Sources

Reducing the amount of heat generated inside your house can go a long way in keeping it cool. Appliances such as ovens, dryers and dishwashers generate heat. Limit their use during the hottest parts of the day or opt for energy-efficient alternatives.

For example, hang-drying clothes and using countertop appliances can help reduce heat output. You will not only keep your house cooler but save money on bills.

Another quick fix is to change your lightbulbs. Incandescent bulbs emit a significant amount of heat. Replace them with energy-efficient LED lights, which produce minimal heat and consume less electricity.

To avoid using your oven, consider grilling outdoors or using a microwave, slow cooker, or other countertop appliances that generate less heat. It might be a good opportunity to test some new recipes while keeping your home cooler.


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