Beat The Heat: How To Get The Most From Your Air Conditioning Unit

The Most Efficient way To Use Your Air-Con

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Is your air conditioning unit a friend or foe during the sweltering summer months? How can you maximise its efficiency without breaking the bank?

Experts in the air conditioning industry have tried to put to rest the common misconceptions surrounding energy consumption. They concluded that, in order to achieve greater savings, it is best to leave the air conditioning on at a minimum, as this way it will maintain a constant temperature and operate at half or less of its power. The alternative of switching it on and off can lead to increased consumption, writes 20 Minutos.

Efficient Use Of Air Conditioning

Understanding your air conditioning unit is vital. For every degree that the temperature drops, energy consumption increases by 8 per cent. It’s wise to cool progressively rather than setting the thermostat too low. Additionally, keeping doors and windows closed, and drawing curtains during peak heat hours, can prevent energy loss.

The placement of your air conditioning unit can also affect savings. Positioning it where there’s good air circulation, such as above windows, and away from direct sunlight is ideal. For outdoor units, shaded areas or protection with awnings can prevent overheating.

Maintenance and cleaning are key to efficiency. Proper maintenance should be carried out at least every two years, and regular filter cleaning can improve performance and prolong the unit’s life.

When purchasing an air conditioning unit, consider its energy classification, ranging from A to G. The higher the rating, the lower the energy consumption. An efficient cooling system can use up to 60 per cent less electrical energy than a high-consumption system with the same properties.

In conclusion, beating the heat doesn’t have to mean beating your wallet. By understanding how to use, place, and maintain your air conditioning unit, and by choosing energy-efficient equipment, you can enjoy a cool summer without a hefty electricity bill.

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