Farmer Pleads With Visitors After His Sunflower Field Attracts Nude Photographers

Sunflower Farmer Pleads With Naughty Naked Visitors

A Field Of Sunflowers. Credit: gornjak/

Is the allure of sunflowers leading to a new trend in nude photography? A farm on Hayling Island is grappling with this unexpected issue.

Stoke Fruit Farm, situated on Hayling Island near Portsmouth, has experienced a surge in naked photography in its fields. The incidents began to escalate after the opening of the season on July 28 at Sam’s Sunflowers, a part of the farm in Northney Village, writes The Independent.

Online Plea To Visitors From Farmer

The farm took to social media to express its concern, stating on Facebook: ‘Reminder to all, we are a family area and please keep your clothes on in the sunflowers!’ They further added, ‘We are having an increase of reports of naked photography taking place and this must not happen during our public sessions please.’

In less than a month, four instances of nude photoshoots have been reported at the visitor attraction. While some visitors who witnessed the events shared their experiences on the farm’s Facebook page, most seemed to take it lightly.

Shocked Visitors Post Their Comments

One visitor commented, ‘Yes, we stumbled on a ‘session’ – I’m not a prude but I don’t expect to see almost naked bodies while searching for the best blooms.’ Another reported a woman wearing ‘just a thong,’ adding: ‘Our son got a right eyeful last night, should have seen his face!!’

The owner of the site, Sam Wilson, revealed that three of the four incidents occurred on the same day after the attraction’s seasonal opening. He expressed his views to the BBC, saying, ‘We have always had photo shoots here but they are always respectfully done and it’s always organised so other people are not affected.’

Wilson further clarified that these were ‘isolated” events, adding, ‘People are having fun and taking pictures for their Instagram but we just ask that they keep their clothes on.’

The ‘incidents’ have provoked a storm of conflicting comments, one man posted: ‘There’s nothing wrong with enjoying the naked body and taking pictures for a couple’s enjoyment

‘I bet these Snappers aren’t throwing it in people’s faces, probably quite discreet but somebody just has to be “offended2 by anything these days and have a moan, exaggerating in most cases and probably going out of their way to see something which is none of their business.

‘The complainers will be just prudes or busybodies thinking their personal views and comments somehow speak for and protect everyone.’

however, the farm’s plea to visitors is clear, enjoy the sunflowers, but please keep the photography respectful and appropriate for all ages.

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      21 August 2023 • 11:41

      Surely it would make more sense for the subjects of the photography to be nude, rather than the photographer? “Nude Photography”. Well, it is his field and so he can dictate whatever terms he chooses. This idea that people can do whatever they want, wherever they like, without permission or criticism is weak and unfair. Everyone must take responsibility for their behaviour and how it affects others, especially in this case, the owner and his legitimate clients… it isn’t a public place, after all.

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