Some Amusing Number Plates Already Banned By The DVLA

Man in a new car

There's quite a few number plates on the banned list. Credit: aleksandarlittlewolf/Freepik

DRIVERS are being given a heads-up about an impending list of prohibited number plate registrations, scheduled to take effect in the coming month.

As of September 1st, the freshly released “73” number plate will make its debut, causing anticipation within the automotive industry for a surge in new car registrations.

While personalised number plates are entirely legal and popular among UK drivers to infuse their vehicles with a touch of individuality, not all combinations of characters are admissible.

A freshly disclosed compilation of disallowed number plates has emerged in response to a Freedom of Information request by carwow, aiming to prevent their presence on the roads.

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) scrutinises requests for personalised number plates, vetting them for potential to “cause offense, embarrassment or are in poor taste.”

This directive leads to the culling of plates that target specific groups or government policies, as well as those attempting to incorporate profanity.

The forthcoming “73” plates on the ban list feature such entries as “BO73 CKS” and “EA73 POO,” with contentious or vulgar appeals being promptly rejected.

Car Number Plate
Vulgar plates are banned. Credit: DVLA

The DVLA has even scuppered the perfect two-car garage for the head of MI5, with both TE73ROR and TH73EAT also on the banned list.

Your local cosmetic surgeon will be gutted they can’t have a gleaming NO73 JOB.

Likewise, the DVLA has headed the haters off at the pass, much to the relief of our new king.

HA73 HRH won’t be appearing on a car, and the DVLA has at least been even handed in banning both HA73 USA and HA73 RUS.

Moreover, plates containing the arrangement “AN73” or “anti” are set to undergo limitations. Examples like “AN73 WAR,” have all been excluded.

Apart from serving as a revenue source for the Treasury, personalised number plates provide a lighthearted element for many drivers in the UK.

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