Breaking News: Spanish Government Urged To Sack Luis Rubiales

Queen Letizia and Princess Sofía watch on alongside Luis Rubiales.

Queen Letizia and Princess Sofía applauded the result Credit: SM Casa de la Rey Twitter

Liga Femeni President Beatriz Alvarez has urged the Spanish government and football federation to sack disgraced Luis Rubiales following his Women’s World Cup kiss.

The Spanish Football Federation is rotten to the core when it comes to their outlook on Women’s football and the respect they should be receiving. It’s not even up for debate either, because if they had an ounce of respect for their now World Cup winners, Jorge Vilda would have been sacked before the tournament had kicked off.

Vilda was accused of creating a toxic environment for the Spanish players and would force them to leave their doors unlocked on camp until he came into everyone’s room and checked on them to make sure everything was okay at night before they went to sleep, in any other field of work – and if his father wasn’t on the board – he’d have been sacked on the spot.

Spanish football calls for Rubiales’ sacking

However, his friend and just as disgusting person Luis Rubiales stood by the manager and was – in his eyes – rewarded now having a Women’s World Cup to show off, but that’s not all the president was keen to get his hands on last Sunday evening as he went in for and did in fact kiss former Real Madrid ace Jenni Hermoso on the lips for everyone around the world to witness.

No matter which way you look at this incident, or even your views on Rubiales, this act is a form of sexual assault, kissing someone on the lips without their consent and then claiming they found it very uncomfortable is assault and not just a mistake.

Instead of trying to bury this issue by celebrating the monstrous achievement of winning the World Cup, Rubiales and Vilda tried to create an apology video with Hermoso in it, something the Spanish forward declined on multiple occasions which shows they have zero morals and only care about their public image.

Given his incredibly powerful position in football, Rubiales may have thought he could simply ride out this storm and let the hype of Women’s football go quiet, but this sport isn’t going anywhere and has certainly got a nation more interested, and not just the public as high up figures are now aware and want action to be taken so the game isn’t thrown into disrepute.

Spanish Football Federation set for emergency meeting

The President of Liga Femeni – Spain’s top division of Women’s football – has urged the Spanish government and footballing body to take immediate action against Rubiales and remove him from his fortunate position, and a meeting has been scheduled for this week to ensure this ugly situation gets resolved.

At Euro Weekly News we analsyed why Spain winning the World Cup would do more good than bad for Women’s football and this is why, because certain men are able to celebrate the success they have done nothing to help create and instead, have done a lot to try and destroy, although they are now at least being seen in the public eye for what they really are.

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