Britain’s Oldest Man Attributes His Long Life To Doing ‘Everything In Moderation’

Britain's Oldest Man

Celebrations have been underway to mark the 111th birthday of Britain’s oldest man, John Tinniswood, who reached the milestone on Saturday, August 26.

Originally from Merseyside, John Tinniswood was born in 1912, the same year that witnessed the ill-fated maiden voyage of the Titanic. At The Hollies care home in Southport, friends and family gathered to commemorate the occasion. Among the well-wishers was a special birthday card from King Charles and Queen Camilla.

He recounted some of his earliest memories, including his first day of school at the age of five. He also nostalgically recalled the transition from leaving school on a Friday to starting work the following Monday.

Before his retirement in 1972, John held the position of an accountant at Shell and BP.

John attributed his longevity to enjoying fish and chips on Fridays and doing things in moderation.

‘Everything in moderation’ is a phrase most of us have heard at some point in our lives, probably advised as caution against going overboard with an activity, such as eating, shopping, drinking, working out, or spending time watching TV.

Let’s face it: moderation is the ninja of life philosophies, sneaking around like an undercover agent.

Imagine the scene: you’re contemplating your third slice of chocolate cake while an invisible moderation devil appears on your shoulder, gently whispering, “How about just one more bite?”

Suddenly, you’re struck by the realization that your jeans still fit, your conscience is content, and your sugar rush remains a pleasant jog rather than an Olympic sprint.

But let’s explore the absurd ways in which embracing moderation can turn ordinary moments into laugh-out-loud experiences:

1. The Buffet Binge: Ever found yourself at an all-you-can-eat buffet, facing a plate tower that threatens to eclipse the sun? Moderation steps in like a wise old owl, gently advising you to opt for a selection of bites instead of piling your plate with everything but the kitchen sink.

Woman at hotel buffet
You can always go back for more. Credit: Katemangostar/Freepik

2. The Gym-aholic: You’re at the gym, deadlifting the equivalent of a small elephant while necking a protein shake the size of a bathtub. Here comes moderation, reminding you that progress doesn’t require bench-pressing the entire gym. And hey, you might actually have time to socialise with people, rather than the dumbbells.

Man in a gym
There’s no need to use every single item in the gym. Credit: Prostooleh/Freepik

3. The Netflix Marathon: We’ve all been there – sinking into the couch with a bottomless bowl of popcorn and a vow to binge-watch every season of a show in one sitting. But moderation swoops in, proposing a daring compromise: try watching just two episodes and then stretch your legs. You’ll be amazed how many hidden talents your legs have, like walking for example.

Man watching a movie
Popcorn and Netflix while binge watching, perfect. Credit/Freepik

4. The “Retail Therapy” Extravaganza: In the throes of retail therapy, our trolleys become black holes, absorbing everything in sight. Moderation steps in with an ingenious suggestion: go ahead and buy those fabulous shoes, but maybe skip on the inflatable flamingo. Your wallet and hoarding area will thank you.

Man in a shopping trolley
The yes or no devil strikes again. Credit: Kues/Freepik

5. The Social Media Scroll-fest: Scrolling through social media can quickly become a time warp that leaves you questioning the meaning of life. Moderation taps you on the wrist and offers a compromise: go ahead, indulge in funny cat videos and inspirational quotes, but set an alarm that rings once you’ve done your duty to Facebook.

Man looking at his phone
There’s nothing like a funny pet video. Credit:Stockking/Freepix

So let us celebrate the quirky, delightful life of moderation. It’s the friend who joins you for an extra slice of cake, as long as you promise to share. It’s the voice that whispers, “Yes, you can, but maybe you shouldn’t.” It’s the guardian in a world where excess and meagre battle it out like duelling banjos.

So go forth, embrace the art of moderation, and remember: too much of a good thing can sometimes be the most amusing thing of all.

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