EU’s Bold Expansion Plan Leaked

Leaked Docs Reveal EU Plan

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A recently leaked document appears to indicate that the European Union is planning to extend its influence and control, both internally and further East.

A confidential 116-page draft detailing amendments to the Lisbon Treaty was recently leaked, revealing the EU’s ambitious plans. The document was discussed at a meeting of foreign ministers in Spain, featuring Josep Borrell, the EU’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs, according to GB News.

Quick Membership For Ukraine And Western Balkans

Josep Borrell told Politico that Ukraine and the Western Balkans should be fast-tracked for EU membership. He stated, ‘The Spanish presidency is proposing … to hold a ministerial meeting together with the Western Balkans ministers. We will do it at the end of next month.’ He further added, ‘Ukraine has to become a member of the European Union. The Western Balkans also. Quickly.’

The leaked document proposes a rule-by-the-majority system in several sectors, including defence, taxation, and foreign policy. These changes would be implemented through modifications to the Lisbon Treaty.

However, not everyone is on board with these plans. A high-ranking EU diplomat told Playbook, ‘It’s a provocation. In Council there is no majority for treaty change.’ They also mentioned, ‘The Council’s legal service has been advising us for months already that the Lisbon Treaty is “enlargement proof”.’

Centralised Control Over Environmental Policy

The draft also suggests that complete control over environmental and climate issues should be given to the EU’s central body. The document has been endorsed by Guy Verhofstadt and five other European lawmakers and is expected to be made public later this month.

Implications For Individual Member States

This new draft indicates a significant move towards centralised governance, allowing the EU to override individual countries if they oppose legislation. This revelation could validate the concerns of many in the anti-EU camp who are wary of what they view as increasing EU ‘dictatorship’.

The leak has certainly stirred the pot, raising questions about the future direction of the European Union and its relationship with member states as well as neighbouring countries.

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    • Naimah Yianni

      04 September 2023 • 15:53

      I´m really glad that this has been leaked. The EU was sold to the common man as being a vehicle to make trade between countires easier. It was never supposed to be a centralised all powerful bidy that decides how we live and what we do. I hope the whole disgusting, controlling, manipulating body falls apart. People don´t want one giant EU mishmash, we love our countries and identities and we don´t need faceless beaurocrats or psychos like Guy Verhofstadt deciding how we should live and waht actions should be taken against the so called climate crisis (a lie).

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